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Here's what's been going on in my life:

My friend and I have been tighter than a fat guy in spandex since the 2nd grade. Until one of my other friends said that she was talking about me behind my back. I don't know why but for some reason I believed it.I asked another one of my friends about it and she said she didn't hear anything. Except she told the girl that I thought she had been talking about me. So in our 5th period class she passed me a note asking me about it. Eventually, she admitted in the note that she was talking about me and she apologized for calling me rather nasty names, rude, mean and saying i get mad over the weirdest things. I told her that i never even thought of calling her anything but her name, no matter how agitated i got with her. She apologized AGAIN, but it seemed like she just wanted forgiveness and to be friends still. The next day, however, one of my other friends showed me text messages on her phone from the back stabber saying " I never would say anything bad about her" and "whoever said i did is a, me and backstabber turned on a friend because she was "talking about us". Turns out though, she wasn't and only backstabber was talking about the both of us. Backstabber has not returned to school in two days because she has shown her true colors, i guess. The girl I turned on initally has never said anything about me, 5 reliable sources have confirmed, and we are friends again. But some nagging thing in the back of my mind is saying that this isn't over.

"Forgive? sounds good. Forget? I'm not sure I could. They say ' Time heals everything', but I'm still waiting."

- Dixie Chicks, Not ready to make nice

*Keep your enemies close but your friends closer,

Poppy Sweet

* Your enemies can't hurt you,because you watch them all the time.But your friends have you vulnerable, so watch them closely.*

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