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This takes place 7 yrs after the Voturi incidence and everything is well. For now....

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Ch.1 Birthdays (part 1)

Nessie's POV

"... Happy Birthday to you!" My family sang as I blew out the candles on my cake. It was my 7th birthday party and I was now fully grown. All my family was here plus the pack, Emily, Sue, Billy, and Charlie. This is going to be the best party ever I thought to myself. I was Dad nod out of the cor nor of my eye. MAN that got annoying.

"Do you wanna open your presents now?" Mom asked me as soon as the wolves were done stuffing their faces with cake.

"Sure Mom," I said I actually like presents unlike her.The first present was from Emmett and I was scared.I opened it and felt the blood run to my cheeks. It was a scary piece of underwear . I was Dad smack Jacob in the back of the head and the everyone was rolling on the floor laughing. I even saw Grandpa Charlie chuckle. Still blushing I went up and smacked Emmett in the back of the head. That brought on another round of hysterics.Growling I went back and opened my next present. It was from Rosalie, Mom, and Dad. It was car keys. At 1st I was stunned to silence the I was screaming and yelling and hugging them."its out back" I heard Dad say. Then I ran out the door at human speed. Thanks to Grandpa charlie being there. It was a Hot pink convertible Bug! "I LOVE IT!" I screamed.When I was calmed down, with some help from Jasper, I went to open my other presents. Jasper, Alice, Esme, and Carlile got me a whole new wardrobe all fitting perfectly because I was done growing.

Jacob said I had to come outside for my present. When I got out there he took me into the garden. I relised nobody was following us and I got suspicious. He stopped under a canopy of roses and got down on his knee.

"Renessmee Carlie Cullen will you be my wife?" <3 He asked sweetly.

when i kno ppl r reading i'll post part 2

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Comment by Amor Murilllo on November 21, 2010 at 11:17pm
nice and interesting write more
Comment by Bailey <3 Cullen! on November 21, 2010 at 9:25pm
plzzzz tell me what u think

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