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Yesterday Lia and I went to see the last showing (ever!) of the Little Mermaid in NYC. I was shocked I was even able to get seats for the last showing, but surprisingly...I rock!! Another plus...Drew Seeley (Of HSM fame) was playing Prince Eric! I'm not a huge HSM fan by any means but that boy can sing and he ain't bad to look at either:-)

We ended up getting there with about 3 hours to spare so we walked around and wouldn't you know it? There smack dab in the middle of Broadway is a flea market! They were selling bags, jewelry, shirts, etc. We also found some kick-ass smoothies which really help to beat the heat. I can honestly say I have never spent so LITTLE amount of money there. I got a ring for $2, 3 tshirts for $10, and at the show they were practically giving merchandise away!! (Pays to go on closing day people--Lia and I fully intend to use this tactic again)

Lia also had to drag me to Magnolia Bakery in Rockerfeller to get cupcakes that her daughters were describing as "heaven in cake form" and by the time we had to head for the show I was completely exhausted. We ended up with excellent seats...15 rows from stage! The show was amazing, how they managed to pull off those stunts I'll never know. Creating the ocean on stage was enough to blow my mind, but with the tails and the ship and the sea creatures...well let's just say it was very enjoyable. The entire cast was amazing, especially Faith Prince as Ursula...Lia and I were totally routing for the bad guy this time haha.

During intermission, I noticed everyone was running up to the front of the stage and there was a guy standing nearby signing playbills. Wouldn't it figure the one time I'm sitting in a room with someone famous and I don't even know who it is! Turns out it was Alan Meken, the musical lyricist for the show. My grandmother will probably whallop me later for it but sadly I didn't feel it would be appropriate to go up to a man I had barely heard of and try to score an autograph, but I think most of the rest of the room did. The show got a standing ovation and everyone was obviously overwhelmed by the pouring of emotions, but all in all a great show.

We caught the 7pm bus and got in around 10...and I'd gotten about 6 hours of sleep the night if you're wondering why it's 8:30 and I'm currently awake, well your guess is as good as mine! My body apparently doesn't understand the concept of 'lay in bed all day and do nothing'. I am meeting my mom later to help her clean out a spare room in her apartment but that will probably consist of me sitting on the floor with a trash can at my feet so I don't have to move around too much because although I wore my good sneakers and my legs are still sore as can be! I also have to look for shirts online bc although the stuff at the show was cheap, they didn't have most of it left and Lia wanted an Ariel shirt which they were out of. I figure next time we'll buy the cool stuff ahead and get the rest for free. Anyone know when Mary Poppins is closing?? We wanna see if Julie Andrews shows up for that one!

Take it easy...unlike me!


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