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I'm not a geek, books are just interesting :)
Other than readin the twilight series and the Uglies series I've also been reading this really cool book called Hallowmere. It's really good trust me cause i don't really like reading and most people can't get over twilight after they read the whole series. i've only read four out of the seven books that are out, but soon thre will be ten because the author is taking out more books in the serie soon. This books include every important person even though it;s written in 3rd person, each book tells you about each of the main characters past or why the're in the situation they're in. This book has every kind of creature you might have been frightened og when you were young. Plus the book has some action like some of the twilight or uglies books, it's mostly based on teens with extraordanary talents. Unlike Twilight and the uglies, there has not been rumors of a mpvie coming out(yeah the twilight sequel is already being made and twilight is already out)

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