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Movie Sucks? Yeah, pretty much. Still want to see it? Yup. (Self-contracictory, much?)

I haven't seen the movie yet - dangit - but from what I can gather from trailers, TVSpots, the Movie Companion, articles, Youtube videos and friends' opinions and summaries, the movie isn't all that good. I feel like ranting about it, so...yeah. This is MY opinion, and you can say whatever you want about it. That's your opinion.

The casting - in my opinion - wasn't all that great.
Kristen Stewart seemed to talk in a monotone, and her attitude didn't really portray what I thought of Bella. Maybe it was to some people, but she seemed a little preppy - once a friend described ehr as 'manly' - and not all that Bella-like. I don't know how else to describe it.
Robert Pattinson seemed to be a little hesitant whenever he spoke. I know that he needed to work on hiding his accent, but still...anyhoo, it didn't really fit my image for Edward. Whenever he spoke, he sounded a lot more sarcastic and corny than Edward - according to the book - spoke. But I guess that was the scriptwriter's fault.
Ashley Greene was taller than I supposed (but it's hard to find a 4ft whatever, so I don't pick on that a whole lot) and her expression always seemed to be vacant, like she was staring into space all the time. I think that that would be fine when she's having visions, but normally, she's focused.
Jackson Rathbone's hair was too poofy! Dx I guess that's not his fault, but still. I think his hair's fine when it's normal, and I think it would be better to just bleach it or something and that's it. I also think that they could have laid off the 'in pain' look. I think that was a little much.
Taylor Lautner's wig made me laugh out loud. It just looked pretty stupid in my opinion, and I cracked up.
The rest of them were...okay, I guess. The ones above were the ones that annoyed me the most.

THE SUNGLASSES! I hated those sunglasses. At first, I thought it was some off-scene thingy and they just put in the the trailer for some weird reason, But then, someone told me that they actually put it in the movie, and I freaked out. It may not seem like a big deal, but it annoyes the crap out of me.
THE PEPPER SPRAY! Seriously, pepper spray? On a vampire? Bella would know better. I laughed out loud when I saw that she sprayed James in the face.

I loved the soundtrack, though. :3 It was the bestest. Not that that's a word.
And even though there are so many things I hate about the movie itself - plus the things that come with the movie, ie rabid fangirls - I'll still be the one camping out at Blockbuster the night before March 21.

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