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Some days I’m flying high and no one can touch me. On other days, I can always feel screams rising in my throat. When life gets you down, what can you really do? I just try and put on a mask that makes it better. I try as hard as I can to look at the bright side of things even if that seems imposable. Let’s reflect on some things that have happened to me that I’ve had to try to get through.

Every teenage story has to have a love interest,

To Austyn: My love. Ahh, what is that word and what does it mean? You told me that you love me and you oh so very much hoped that we would last. You said that even after you did what? I believe it was kiss three of my friends correct? Or does my memory fail me? No. Well I told you what happened with me. Why couldn’t you do the same?

Best friends are needed too,

Mr. Bubbles: Now you I’m not so mad at. Sure you killed that bunny in my dream but what have you done in real life? When I cried, you held me. When I felt bad, you made me feel deeper because you know that I need to feel it in order to be stronger but did you have to keep those secrets? You knew more than anyone about what he did and did you tell me? No. You just let things play out. Some things cut deeper.

When life gives you lemons, you squeeze the juice into the cuts,

Kian: Now of course you are here. I can’t help that much we weren’t together long but you haven’t talked to me sinceeee.... September? Yes sir, I remember. I keep having these dreams EVERY night and in each one you do the same thing. You talk to me. Plain and simple. That part always brings me to tears. We share classes. I know you see me and I can see the look of disgust that is so clearly written across your face. I don’t know why though. That’s what kills me. You said you plead the 5th. You are in class with me now. Right behind me and you have no idea? No idea how bad I miss you and all of your... youness.

Nothings better than talking to random strangers you meet online:

Crow: Name? Face? Smile? I know it already. Sweetie, I’ve met you twice and you know what? I will never be able to forget your face. Then again, I did see it before I really even met you. In late November, I had a dream about you. You told me your name. The only difference was that instead of Crow Hazard, you told me Venom Hazard. That was about three months before I met you. Seeing you in real life was like seeing a ghost. From the second I saw you, not even your face, just the way you walked, I knew you were perfect. That’s when I sent you the message over facebook asking you to come to our school and help with the skit. You are coming today. I’m going to tell you about the dreams but I’m not going to tell you that it’s you that’s been haunting my them and every waking thought of mine.

Mom and Dad......

Don’t even want to go into there........

Casper: The best person I know. I love you sweetie.

One day I may add more to this list but for right now I think I’m done with depression. I just need to keep moving forward. Now,I’m going to go and have some pie and hot coco. >'.'/span>

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