The Twilight Saga


Edward and Bella just got back from their hunny moon. They feel over the moon.They are back at the cullen house.

Chapter 1

{Edward and Bella are in Edward's room}

Bella: Edward can we move into our own house?

Edward: Why do you want to do that?

Bella: Because

Edward: Because why?

Bella: Well I want a house of our own so we can have privace and so no one is listening to our conversations.

{Alice comes in} 

Alice: Why do you want to move away from me?

Bella: {looks at Edward} see

Edward: Can we have some privacy to talk?

Alice: Fine

{Alice Leaves}

Edward: Are you sure about this?

Bella: Yes I am totally sure

Edward: Ok lets go tell my family.

{Edward and Bella leave his room}

{Alice comes up}

Alice: Are you sure?

Edward Yes she is. We are moving and that is final unless she changes her mind.

Alice: {smirkes at Edward} Fine

{All three go down}

{The rest of the cullens are resting}

Edward: Ummm guys we have something to tell you.

Carlisle: Is everything ok?

Edward: Yes Its just ummm.............

Bella: We would like to ask you if its ok to move out

Esme: You dont have to ask sweetheart. You can do what ever you guys want to do.

Carlisle: I have just question why to want move out?

Bella: ummm............

Edward: Well she has been here for awhile and she has eperiened that we dont get much privicy. She would like some so thats why bacilly.

Carlisle: Oh... Ok, I'm sorry about that.

Bella: Its okay. I just hope we still get come over often

Esme: Yes , Very often Please

Bella: Thank you

Alice: When will you guys be moving

Edward: We dont know. We just figured out that we are going to move.

Alice. Well tell me as so as you know

Bella: Ok

Chapter 2 Preview: Edward and Bella found the perfect house but is 3 hours away from the Cullens house. That house is the only house availible so they have to take it.


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Comment by Marissa Tuxhorn on June 1, 2011 at 6:32pm


Bella: So are we going to take the house?

Edward: Do you want it?

Bella: Yes, Of course. It has two bedrooms, and the whole house is huge, plus there are two bathrooms.

Edward: Yes but I dont go to the bathroom. Remember.

Bella: Ohhhhh Ya.

Edward: So we are going to move.

Bella: Yep

Edward: Why dont we go tell the family.

Bella: Ok

{They walk down stairs}

Edward: Guys, we found a house.

Esme: That great where is it? How far away is it?

Edward: Ummmm, Its 3 hours away from here.

Esme: Wow that far!!!!!!!!

Edward: It the only house availible.

Bella: I hope I can still come here and hang out sometime.

Esme: Absolutly, come anytime.

Bella: Thank you

{This whole time Alice has this face of dissapointment}

Edward: Alice what wrong?

Alice: I just cant belive your moving

Bella: I know, I'll miss you.

Alice: Its just I wanted to be there when Edward proposes to you.

Bella: What?

Edward: Well since its out there now. Isabella Marie Swan will you Marry Me?

Bella: I have one question

Edward: Ok

Bella: Do you want to marry me?

Edward: Of course. Why?

Bella: Well you said "Now that it is out there"

Edward: I was just hoping to go to the new house and spend some time alone together and then I was going to ask you.

Bella: You dont have to do it now if you dont want to.

Edward: No I want to do it now.

Bella: Ok. Yes, Of course.

{They hug and kiss but stop when they realize the Cullens are stareing at them}

Alice: This is great. Now we can work on the wedding. Planning and everything.

Bella: I have one request

Alice: Ok

Bella: I want to see everything you pick out.

Alice: But then you wont be surprised.

Bella: I dont care. I dont want anything overwhelming.

Alice: Ok. {Sad}

Bella: Sorry, I want a casual wedding.

Alice: Its ok. I understand.

Bella: Ok we need to set a date.

Edward: I dont care. I'm going to marry you that all that matters.

Bella: Ok, Ummm......, How about September First.

Edward: Why that day?

Bella: So we can remember better or so that I can remember better.

Edward: Ok, September First.

Alice: That gives me 6 months. I better get started.

Chapter 3 Preview: All the wedding plans are getting sorted out.

Comment by Katie Williams on May 26, 2011 at 1:48pm
continue plz

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