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Hello. I am just writing a blog about the Twilight Saga. I watched the first two movies and got hooked and then my sister's boyfriend bought me those movies for my birthday last week. Nice of him huh? I thought so. lol. anways a friend told me that if I read the books I will see what was missing and that there is more intense chapters. So I decided to take up on that so therefore I borrowed the books. Read the first one within 8 hours. Could not put it down. lol. Then borrowed the New Moon... again within 8 hours. Could not put it down. Library was out of the Eclipse and found out my sister was reading it lol so I went and bought the book from Walmart. Hmm read it within 6 hours. AGain found it hard to put it down. Read the Breaking Dawn and finished it within 4 hours! Hmmm I think I might be obsessing a little bit because when I was done reading the final chapter of breaking Dawn I felt restless like "Oh man I wish there were more Twilight Saga." lol.

But as I mentioned my friend suggested that I read it because it was more intense. Well it is intense period but it had lots of certain things that made more sense where it was missing from the movies. I still like the movies still lol even though it is missing some vital things. I am so eager for the final 2 movies to come out. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch it in Theaters because there is no closed captioning. :( So therefore I have to wait longer than anyone who can watch it in theaters. Which sucks. I have to wait til they come out on DVDs so I can watch it with subtitles! hmmm I think I am anxious for them to come out!!!!

Am I starting to obsess or just plain hooked??? lol. hopefully it is just plain hooked on. :) I am now 30 not in my teens or early adult hood. :)

Thank you for reading my boring blog LOL. You may leave any comment or whatever you wish. :)

(oh btw I am new to this site so I would accept any new friends if they are nice LOL)

Toni Ann

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