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This is not Twilight related at all but I just have to share something that happened this morning at work. I work at a small hospital in North Carolina. I am in no way a nurse or doctor, I am the switchboard/registration clerk/chart making/patient representative. Anyway you get the drift. This morning at 5:50 I had a pregnant woman come in with her husband. I sent her and her spouse in a wheel chair to the birthing center, which is a whole 1-2 minute trip down the hall. As soon as I hung up with the birthing center I hear a scream coming from the outpatient lobby. So of course I do what anyone would do I run to see what is happening. I run into the lobby,which is just through a set of double doors from my office, and find my pregnant woman standing up with her spouse and the baby on the floor. I run to her and help the mother to the ground and as the baby was still attached I sent the husband to the ER to get me help. Since I didn;t have anything to wrap the baby in I take off the mothers light sweater and wrap the baby up in the sweater and I held the baby and stayed with the mother until a nurse could arrive. I swear this felt like it took forever when in reality it all happened in a 2 minute or less time frame. The couple did not speak much English so when I sent the husband running to the ER the nurse there was slightly confused but thankfully he followed the husband. He discovered me holding the baby on the floor of the OR lobby next to the mother. He took off running back to the ER to get the needed supplies and then when the rest of the ER staff came I turned the very brave mother and her beautiful baby boy over to them. It was such a wild experience. So many bad things could of happened but that baby was very lucky. I went to check on him tonight and he is healthy and beautiful. Just wanted to share.

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