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hey peoplew it was a half day thankj god. But wait. Thats not the only reason why I'm happy. I'm also happy because tomorrow's my birthday. and over the years I've saved up all my money for like 4 years and finally, today, bought a Acer Aspire 1 netbook or whatever they call it and I love it! as a matter as fact, I'm typing on it right now. Yeah, so tomorrow's my birthday and stuff. I'm having a twilight slumber party. My family and I were planning on going to Bush Garden, but then we checked the prices, they were wayy tooo high, so that was a no. so it was a totally last minbute slumber party. when I was making the invites, i started IMing with my friend Jango aznd I azsked her what the theme should be and she said LETS WATCH TWILIGHT! and I'm like r u OK??? cause she's all anti-twilight and she's like well i wana see how bad the actors are. So now I' having a twilight slumber party where only 1 out of 4v guests like twilight. Well, we'll see how that goes.....Peace :O

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