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her complection is like cream and roses
her smile is so bright it's an up side down rainbow
her eyes are golden butter scotch
her hair is as blonde as sunshine like god took the sun's rays and molded every strand
her teeth are as straight as hue heffner
her body looks like god molded her himself out of clay
her lips are like a rose
her humor is as dry as oroville lake
she's more mature than a 20 year old salmon
she has the voice of an arch angel
her hands are soft as clouds
she's as strong and tough as iron
her sneese is cuter than a bug's ear
her laugh is like a thousand bells
she has the most purest heart and soal I've ever met and when you ask me whp she is I'll proudly tell you she's my best friend, kayla windslough
by her little retarted kid,Amelia - peach
word of the day~friend: friend

friend [frend]
n (plural friends)
1. somebody emotionally close to another: somebody who has a close personal relationship of mutual affection and trust with another
I know her, in fact she’s a friend of mine.

2. acquaintance: somebody who has a casual relationship with another, for example, a business acquaintance
I’ve got a friend at the office who might be able to help out.

3. ally: somebody who is not an enemy
You can say what you like about the principal; you’re among friends here.

4. advocate of a cause: somebody who defends or supports a cause, group, or principle
She’s no friend of tax-and-spend policies.

5. patron of institution or organization: somebody who supports a charity or institution by donating time or money
a friend of the New York City Ballet

vt (past friend·ed, past participle friend·ed, present participle friend·ing, 3rd person present singular friends)
Malaysia Singapore be somebody’s friend: to be friends with somebody (informal)
I don’t want to friend you any more!

[Old English frēond . Ultimately from the present participle of a prehistoric Germanic verb meaning “to love” that was also the ancestor of English free, affray, and Friday.]

be friends (with somebody) to be a friend of or on friendly terms with somebody
fair-weather friend somebody whose friendship with another is conditional upon the other’s good fortune
make friends (with somebody) to begin a friendship or get on friendly terms with somebody.

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