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I am writing a book and I want 2 now wat u al tink

my story iz bout a girl named Kisha (pronounced lik keisha) who has to move with her drug dealing brother in compton cali after her and her six year old sister sophie are the only ones to survive a plane crash over the Atlantic ocean. She is way to mature for her age and the death of her parentsatures her even more. now instead ofuust asiater she is now a mother to her little sister. and also despratly trying to get her brother off drug and free of the game. as shetriesyo to live through all this she feels there is no hope in her life and also no point that all changes when she meets antony. a 17 years old (by the way she is 16) boy who works and lives at his parents e treame sports shop . he brings not only a new light but a new hope. they eventually start to date and they work very well together like he gets to pay atleast half her college bill if she pays the rest and gets good grades. but when she find out that her planed to kill her when they first met she gets suspitious. she later finds out tjT she is a breeder one of the few magical creatures left to the world we know. nw she has to survive and the rule the earth as her ancestors before her had all those years ago. but can she survive that long?

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