The Twilight Saga

As I was walking down the hall on my first day of school.
I had this weird feeling.
I felt like I was being followed.
I turned around and asked "Is anyone there?"
there was no reply so i continued to my class.
when i finally go there i walked in and of course i was late i know this teacher and he is always late on Mondays so I'm always late
but when he finally arrived he started his boring English lectures about how we had to read this book called swiss family Robinson
and how we have to write a five page report on it but when the bell finally rung i all but ran out of this class to my locker to get my science book
but when i go there i saw my cousin Lizzy waiting there for me
"Lizzy is my cousin her real name is Elizabeth Anne Knight but we all call her Lizzy.
She is the same age as me 14.
She has long brown hair blue eyes and loves the colors yellow and gray and she loves to watch the weather"

"Whats wrong" Lizzy asked me her voice full of concern
"I don't know I just feel like I'm being followed by someone"
confused she asked "So you feel like your being followed. correct"
"correct" us both exhaling deeply
she said "Well how about i walk with you to your next class and I see if your being followed"
"That sounds good"
So while we were walking we talked about summer vacation and good memories like how my sister Jessica almost burned the house down or how i almost got hit by a car we both laughed the whole way but something weird happened the halls cleared nobody was there except us
then it started again the feeling like i was being watched the feeling like i was being followed so
I asked "Do you feel that ?"
slowly glancing over at me she says " yeah i do"
so i turned around but there was nothing there, i was so confused
" if someone is following us shouldn't we be able to see them"
Lizzy looks at me and says "well its not like there invisible" she said sarcastically.
after we got done laughing i hurried to my class . I got there just in time i sat down as soon as the teacher walked in. As my day continued i still felt like i was being followed so when i so when i got back to the dorms i walked two doors down from my dorm to my cousin Rachel
Rachel has dirty blond hair Blue eyes She usually keeps her thoughts to herself but opens up around me, Lizzy and Jessica
after i knocked twice she finally answered and
i said " can i come in?"
she said " yeah i guess" ray looked kind of down
so i asked her " whats wrong?" she started to get teary-eyed so i gave her a hug and she starts crying and
then i asked her " whats wrong?" again and
she said her boyfriend broke up with her and
i said to her " if he broke up with you its his lost not yours" she starts to laugh but then her laugh ends in tears as she slowly recovers from the breakup
but then she asked " what did you want ?" i started to think and
then i said " i really don't know i just wanted to come talk to you " she stares at me like i did something wrong and then
she says "talk to me about what?" after thinking for a minute i got my answer down
and i said " i feel like someone is following me i have had a feeling like look over shoulder all day"
with scared look on her face
she said " so you think you are being followed i said "
"yes" Rachel says to me " this is very strange is there anyone who would want to hurt you?"
i said " no" well i don't think so she said "to go to my dorm and get some sleep and see if you feel like that tomorrow"
i said " okay" so i get up and walk to the door but just before i shut it i go "good night ray see you tomorrow" and she replies
"good night" so i walked to my room when i got there it was locked so while i was getting the key out of my backpack i felt that feeling like i was being watched so anyway i kept looking and and then i found the key and then i opened my door when i got inside i locked my door and went into my bathroom to take a shower and my annoying little sister jess texts me saying "what are you doing" i text back " taking a shower" and then she never replies but anyway after i took my shower i went to get in bed and then i thought what about my homework but i forgot i already did my homework so then i was walking toward the bathroom to brush my teeth there was something different something was off about my face so Lizzy calls and goes " whats up" and i go "something about my face is off" and Jessica is right next to my dorm and says "yeah there is how come your noticing it before " i did not reply but anyway Lizzy hung up so i start looking at my face again and there i figured it out my eyes are usually brown now there light blue and shining like a light bulb full of shock i look at the clock and it was 11:00 at night so i couldn't leave my room so i just go to sleep............... when i woke up the next morning i ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror my eyes had changed again to topaz they where shining like stars so then i hurried and got dressed and left my room and i ran to Rachel room and knocked knocked knocked then ray yelled " what " she asked then i yelled " open the door i need to talk to you " after knocking for so long she finally let me in she says " what " really angry i said " can i never mind" she goes " whats wrong " really angry and i go " look" and pointed toward my eyes she says " your eyes there different" i said " i know" "so..." then i paused her eyes were different to her. Eyes were Grey like light Grey that blends in with everything "so what " she asked "look in the mirror" confuse she walked over to the mirror and saw what i meant " what the crap " she said "what is going on i don't understand " she vented "i don't know either what are we going to do mean how are we suppose to hide these" i pointed to my eyes and she school her head and said " i don't know i just don't get this " she said her voice full of worry and then she sat down on her bed and started breathing real slowly and deep so i sat down beside her and said " OK lets think how do we hide our eyes for a day or two until we figure all this out " we both sat there and thought then after must thinking she got a idea " Ive got it " and she ran to her night stand and opened the second drawer and pulled out six black boxes the size of a credit card and then she started " there colored contacts i got them last Halloween for my costume i have three pairs of brown two green and one blue " surprised i say " those are perfect we can hide our eyes and use then for days " nodding ray says " but i still don't understand all this " after thinking i say " me neither but lets try to get through today okay " smiling a little she says
"OK" so i start to leave and she says " see you later " and i reply " you too " then i leave and walk to English after all my other classes i went to my last class Gym when we all got our gym clothes on and were picked into teams the coached asked " so what do y'all want to play today dodge ball or kick ball " everyone said dodge ball except me i absolutely hate dodge ball because i get hit every time ! so once we got on to the court i just stood there and waited to be hit but i didn't i just started to move without thinking and i moved right before the ball hit i could like see it in my head coming at me then i jumped and did back flips and all kind of other stuff when me and Jonah Hill burg where the only ones left i had hope i would win and beat the king of dodge ball because he always wins and guess what happened i won but with me winning i realized something was changing in me and ray not something normal either
So as i was walking back to my dorm and when i got there i heard some one in side so i quietly get out my key and open the door but it was just Ray she was waiting in my room when i walked in and saw her i said " what are you doing here and even get in " noticing me frustration she spoke quickly " I'm here to show you something and this is how i got in " as i was waiting for an explanation ray walked toward the eastern wall of my room and right before she hit it she just went through
she walks through the wall and after a few seconds she came back through and said " thats how i got in " nodding i say " OK this is weird " ray and came and sat next to me and asked " has anything weird happened to you today " after thinking hard i reply " gym we were playing dodge ball and you know the kid who always wins " " yeah " she said " he lost " " how is that weird " " because i won " ray then jumped up and yelled " how did you win " i breathed then started ' its like i could see the ball before it hit me and moved just in time and my agility improved like one hundred and percent it was like i had perfect agility thats how i one " ray taking all this in said " so you can see the future " " yeah i guess " " wow ... " then i saw something in my head liker before i heard Lizzy screaming at the top of her lungs and saw her sitting in a corner ray noticing the shock on my face asked " whats wrong " and i quickly replied " we need to get to Lizzy room fast " so we both jumped up and ran as fast as we could which was pretty fast we got there in 7 seconds after we tried the door i decided to kick in the door and i fell pretty easy to once we got inside i saw Lizzy crouched in the corner but there was something else in here with us it was pale white red eyes two sharp pointed teeth and some how i knew it was a vampire it was walking towards Lizzy so i quickly grab Lizzy umbrella and throw it at it and it barely stops then i make a throwing motion with my arm but instead of nothing being thrown a fire ball was and it went right through him he turned and hissed so loud then jumped out the open window then ray slowly walks over to Lizzy " Lizzy are you OK did that thing hurt you " very shaky Lizzy replies " no " and asks " what was that " slowly i say " a vampire i think " shocked Lizzy say " a vampire " then ray quickly says " Lizzy you have to believe us were telling the truth watch " then ray walks through the wall and comes back through and i create a fire ball again if Lizzy wasn't in shock before now she was " whats going on " and i answer i don't know thats what were trying to figure out " " but how can ray walk through the wall " " my guess we've been given powers to save the world or something i don't know yet hopefully we will figure this out " then Lizzy says " hopefully we will " then i saw something in my head me standing in the forest so i say " ill be right back OK " " okay " ray said then i walked out of the dorms and head to the forest at night but i could see everything perfect in every direction so as quickly continued i felt like i was being followed again and i was getting really annoyed so i turn around but this time was different there was someone standing there a girl pale white brown hair and blue eyes and a long white dress she said " finally you can see me Ive been following you all day and ever time you couldn't see me you could feel me but you couldn't see me " after she had finished speaking i said "no offense but who are you " after taking that in she said " a ghost silly what else would i be " " um a vampire " then she busted out in laughter " you thought i was a vampire " she laughed confused i say " well its not like i understand any of this so don't laugh at me why don't you explain some of this and then maybe i wont think your a vampire " with a little angry showing on her face she says " well I'm going to but i thought you would want to tell you some were more comfortable " "OK lets go back to Lizzy room if that OK with you " "thats fine " she yelled so i started back to Lizzy room when i got there she was still behind me so i knocked on Lizzy and ray asked " who is it " " me " i answered then ray came and opened the door and let me in but she closed it before the ghost came in but the ghost just walked through the door and ray jumps five feet in the air and Lizzy starts screaming "y'all stop " i yelled then Lizzy stops screaming " this is..." and i pointed at her and she says " Linda "
and then i say " she has come to explain everything to us am i right " "yes i will be here for a week to explain and show you somethings but i must ask one favor do not ask any questions until tomorrow that when i will answer them all now I'm going to tell you the history of the queen she is the one who gave you your powers then i will tell you y'all history then about your powers then about what you must do in the near future okay lets start with the story of the queen the queen of vampires so this story starts in the year fifteen o five exactly five years after the queen was crowned at first she loved being a queen she didn't have to do anything but relax and be lazy but she still saw humans die and about twenty years later she broke the guilt stabbing her all the time force her to change forced her to be good when she woke that morning she saw her eyes had turned form red to light green and that her fangs were smaller she knew if anyone saw her they would tell the king so she put drops of blood in her eyes to hide the color she knew she would have to do this the rest of her existents and she did until about seventy-five years later she forget to put some blood in her eyes before she went to bed and when she woke up the next morning when her maid came in she saw her eyes and the maid ran to tell the king the queen tried to run after her but couldn't run very fast because of very little little blood but when she got there the maid had already told the King everything when the queen ran in the room the King had her tied up and the king asked how dare you turn good your not worthy to be called queen you are a desecrate to the royal family why did you turn good he asked she said watching the defenses humans die that what made me turn good then the king said good now we finally complete the prophecy the queen asked what prophecy the king answered this prophecy
as the queen betrays the kings
and loves the human beings
the queen will send humans to fight
and die in endless night
and on the finally day
the queen will have the price to pay
then the queen says that prophecy happened hundreds of years ago then the king says we lied now you will sign a blood contract and all this will be done then she signed it and she was stabbed now that is the end of the queens story now here is your history long ago you all were heard of by vampires by people who could see the future it was told that twenty-four would be gifted with great power and twenty-two with lesser powers " after thinking i asks " can i ask one question " nodding she says " yes i will answer one " "how many times has the queen chose humans to go and fight exactly " " eight including you all nine " oh OK continue " "now I'm going to give you a quick rundown on your powers and what you are called exactly "
" Jeffrey you are the King of the Seasons the Elements fire water earth and air and light an darkness and the future
Rachel you are the Queen of the invisible,density and telekinesis
Elizabeth you are the queen of weather,technology and psychic persuasions
and Jessica is the queen of animals,Illusions and speech copying "
' i will explain your power more throughly tomorrow now lets start with what you must do you must stop the vampire wars to understand vampires have been trying to start them for centuries but the king and queens and emperors and empresses and guards and warriors have always stopped them before they could start them that what you must do and more this time you must end them completely" then the clock on Lizzy night stand struck midnight and she said " sorry i must go i will see you tomorrow " then she disappeared " well that was weird " ray nods and says " i know i understand everything better but it is all so strange then Lizzy says " i know i don't really get this but i guess we have to " then i said " yeah i guess we do " then ray says " we can get through this we just have to stick together " nodding myself i say " yeah we just have to stick together and we will be fine no vampire can break us apart " then we all start laughing but next thing i know i see vampire break in grabs us and they tied us up and carried us out the window through the forest to we reached some castle then they took us inside it and they untied us and let us free in a throne room and this vampire walks in and sits on the throne and he says " welcome to the vampire kingdom " then i instantly say " who are you " he laughs a low chuckle and says " the king of vampires " then i whisper " Linda if your here what are my powers " then i hear a whisper back " you have the powers over the moon and fire write now those are your strongest Rachel is telekinesis and Lizzy is weather" then i whisper back "what can i do with the power of the moon " then she says " you can throw moon energy put up force fields and turn into pure lunar energy " and i nods then the king says " who are you talking to " with a confinements look on my face i say " guess " then i lift up my hand and a force field slow creeps down in a half circle around us then the king shouts " attack them " and i yell back " you cant through this " then i know to add more power to it so i do then the king says well i have a minion who can beak through any force field " then i laugh then i say to ray "use your telekinesis to throw ant vampire that get close OK " she nods "Lizzy shoot lightning at any vampire that ray misses OK " she says "OK" then the vampires start to attack at first it was one at a time then more and more come Lizzy shoots and ray throws and i try to shoot some lunar energy at them but it was really difficult to do so we did this for hour and kept the vampires off of us but then all the vampires left the room and ran away but one single vampire was left a girl about rays age holding a toy stuffed rabbit we all start laughing then the vampire says "laugh while you can humans " then she dropped the rabbit and it started walking towards us and when it got to the shield it started hitting it and ever time it hit it. It drained some of my powers i felt myself getting drained but then a white light shot down from the sky into the room to my right and a beautiful lady a merged which i instantly new was the queen she had brown hair green eyes and a long light blue dress and a crown she said to the king "how dare you attack them they don't even have there full powers " then the king replied " do you think i care " then the queen lifted her hand and pointed it at us and nine balls of light all different colors came at us three hit each of us and each time it hit me i felt my powers triple when each of the ball of light hit us i instantly grew my shield until the queen was in it and Rachel threw up a telekinetic shield too when we got our shield over the queen she looked over at us and smiled with hope then she says to the king "we will be leaving then she turns and walk towards us and asked " Jeffrey Rachel do you think you can move the shields as we walk" me and Rachel both say " yes" then we start to walk out when we get out of the throne room into a courtyard the queen says "Elizabeth get ready to shoot some vampires coming form behind us " then three vampires come from behind and Lizzy shoots them with one huge bolt of lighting when we finally get outside the castle wall
i saw the moon then instantly it was bright all around us when the queen saw the shock on my face she said " it one of your powers you can light up an area with moonlight so you don't have to use your night vision " i nodded and saw that she was still smiling and i asked " what are you so happy about " then she stopped walking and said " each of you have given me hope " "how" "by what you did back in the castle by protecting me the one who caused you all this trouble you are the first to protect me the ones before you did not protect me when that happened they didn't care for me but I'm guessing each of you do " we all say "yes " and i add "of course i don't blame you at all you don't want to do this the king makes you if there is anyone to blame it the king " then she smiles again " at least you all understand but i have to say I'm sorry if i could go back to the day i became good i tell myself to stay evil " then i reply " you cant blame yourself all the time you have to move on you have to let go of all this guilt and pain go trust me " she laughs and says "spoken like a true king " shocked i say " a true what " she laughs "a true king when i gave each of you your full powers you each got king and queen instruments " "oh" next thing i know we were back at the school the queen asks "what room is Jessica "i point at it and she shoots ball of light at it and she says " i have to have a general idea of where the person who receive the powers is at " and we all nods "now good bye until the next time i see you " and we all say "good bye " and then she looks up at the sky and white light shoot out of the sky and surrounds her and when the light disappears she is gone but right before we are about to start walking inside a transparent version of her appears and says " you all need to go check on Jessica " then she disappears
so we all start running at normal speed to Jessica room when we finally got there and opened the door a rabbit was laying on Jessica bed then the rabbits breathes and its Jessica then she breathes and she turn s into a cat with a shocked look on our face we all turn and look at each other then ray says " Jessica " but as ray says the cat or Jessica jumps up and starts hissing and running around the room and while she is doing that Lizzy says " Jessica come down think of your human self and hopefully you will turn back " and after about twenty minutes she did and the first thing she said is " what the crap whats going on " so we all start telling her the story editing some parts of course but we do tell her most everything and she doesn't believes us so we show her ray walks through the wall Lizzy shoots a bolt of lighting and i show her my eyes the blue light bulbs when i took out the contacts and she look so shocked like she is about to pass out shocked when she recovers she asks all the questions like how long have we know and the future and stuff like that then then i see the future i see me and Lizzy graduating and all of us taking a picture and i see me walk over to a girl and kiss her and i see jess walk over to Collin Valdemar and kiss him and i see a ring on rays marriage finger and i see Lizzy walk over to a boy and hug him and i knew everything would turn out OK until i see the queen standing beside me and she says " this is only one possibility of tall future the other is behind you " then she dissipater so i turn around and i see four grave stones each with one of our names on them that when it hit em that we could die then the vision was gone ray asks " what wrong " " nothing just the future " then i get up and walk over to the door and i say " good night see yall later " and they all replied good night
the end of chapter one

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