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Well this is how I broke my arm. I was drag racing with my friends down a hill I was on rollerblades one on a go-kart the other on a scooter dual shock and rubber tires. At first it went well i came in first then 3rd and then 2nd then we decided after the one who tried to pit me first race that we should do 1 on 1s more fun that way. I was the flag guy for Tim and Alex s races then it was me and Tim (he hates me and I hate him alot). We went down the hill then I started to lose control then I tripped and fell on the cement right hand first (my dominant hand). Then screaming out in pain I looked around for Tim to see if he did pit me because we hate each other. I saw him do a low speed collision with a tree low as in he just turned sharply after pitting me. That's my theory well I went to the hospital on Tuesday the 29th of March 2010 and I wrote this on the 31st of March. I would've been out first day but I ate the doctor after vomiting all over the floor. They held me down as they put the bone back in place I screamed because it hurt ALOT!!!! only first then I calmed down and starting breathing painfully and heavily so as not to freak out the patients. When it was over they put the cast on and I'm writing this with one hand I started at 9:44 and finished at 10:08! NOTE: The eating the doctor part was a joke I didn't actually eat him!

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