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"Jacob and Sam's desires conflict with each other."

"That confidence Seth has, I think, has to really be in the person playing him." - Thought about the actor

"It really bites when you let life happen to you. You can't change the world, but you can change the way you live in it." - Seth

"Only a few people can keep on walking forward after their father's death like Seth."

"He wants to make sure things will be different from now on. That's why he's so encouraged to be by Jacob's side." - Thought About Seth

"Jacob and Seth don't dig the silly truce."

"Who is friends with vampires after you've lost your dad because they're killing people. It's not fair, but for Seth he's more a man than that."

"His dad's death and the kind of boy he is in the series...Seth is particularly special."

"The way he is towards the Cullens says A LOT about how he feels about losing his father."

"Seth has the confidence of knowing who he is."

"Seth's role is very special because his relationship with his father whom he does not see is very profound in his character."

"You must understand, Seth's virtues come from his father. Who better to have the most influence on any boys life than his own father."

I'm still not done. I'm gonna add more soon. just its 3am. ha. thought i'd blog these thougts before i lose 'em.

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