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well last night i had a really amazing dream, then mum woke me up, ruining it all, of course, but its been in my head all day. it started out with just my usual types of dreams mostly me just wondering round, by my self with lots of people around not even knowing i'm there, like at school, or my house?? (i know i seem to have lots of party at my house in my dreams lol) anyway, edward out of twilight was there (doesn't surprise anyone there :) ) but this was different, cause i've never actually dream about twilight at all. well not like i'm bella and this is my edward and blah blah blah, but at first it seemed like he was part of a dream, then became real, like i started seeing him at school, and rosalie was there two but it was only them , it proberly doesn't even sound strange, but it was for me. anyway i ended up as a vampire, like them, but in my dream i didnt know what they were, and i, myself untill i went into the sunlight. i have this mate who is like massive, well not fat but reli tall and cause all my mates call me short (k so i'm a little shorter then them) in my dream his name was jacob, and now that i think about it i guess because in the books jacob just keeps getting bigger and bigger, i guess in my dreams thats how i put it cause he's reli big to. then some how i went from being me, just plain tara to being bella. i went through all the thing edward and bella have in the books and cause i just finish reading the books (again) its like i suddenly just relived all the books in one dream. i liked it in many ways but its had me thinking in many ways to, because normally my dreams leave me confused. (like now)
Sorry i've written to much and half of it doesn't even make sense ( my dreams hav that affect) i just hope it doesn't affend any one.

luv ya..xx

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