The Twilight Saga

Chapter one

Nessies POV

Everyone says that being different is a good thing and right in the centre of everyone is my family, they’re always trying to reassure me that my being different is what makes me special, but what if I don’t want to special. What if all I want is to fit in, to be a full vampire, like the rest of my family. Sometimes I wonder if my family really knows what I’m going through, it’s not like there are many of my kind out there. Vampires on the other hand… well, they’re almost as common as humans, who seem to be oddly unaware at most times as to what’s happening around them, well that’s what my father says. Yeah my dad, Edward. He was probably listening to my thoughts right now. Who knew having a mind reader for a father could be such a pain in the butt!!!

“Renesmee!” I guess he heard me “Yeah?” I called from my room on the second floor, he would hear me, that’s one of the good things about being in a family of vampires, you never had to strain your voice, they all had excellent hearing, even me the half breed, had great hearing.

“Yeah?” I called again when I hadn’t gotten an answer.

Then there was a different voice that answered, it was my Aunt Rose. “Nessie you’ll be late for your first day of high school if you don’t hurry.” Stated Aunt Rose. I sighed; I almost forgot that today was the first day, I’d be going to high school. Then it was Aunt Alice’s turn. “Nessie, come on, if you don’t hurry I’ll have no time to do anything with your hair and make-up!” She said sounding annoyed.

“I’m coming!” I almost screamed “Yeesh, you’d think that my looks are the most important thing about today.” I whined walking into Alice’s room where she and Rose were waiting with smiles the size of the Pacific Ocean, on their faces.

“I mean not that it’s not important to look good.” I added quickly as Alice frowned.

Truth be told there were more important things on my mind, like what if they didn’t like me, or I didn’t make any friends, or I did something to embarrass myself. Suddenly I was pulled from the horror of my thoughts by Alice, telling me to put on an arrangement of cloths she’d pulled from her closet, which I thought looked big enough to house the whole of China.

“Come on Ness, put them on and then Rose, and I can fix your hair” Alice urged.

I walked into Alice’s oversized bathroom, and three seconds later was out in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a red tight fitting tank top, and matching red heels, which were obviously Rose’s.

“What do you think?” I said while twirling to let them see the full effect of the outfit.

Alice squealed jumping up and down like and over excited toddler being let loose in Toys ‘R’ Us. I smiled and went to look in her mirror, okay I had to admit, I did look good. The dark blue skinny jeans hugged my legs perfectly as did the red tank top.

“You look great!” Alice and Rose said at exactly the same moment.

After throwing me the designer denim jacket that set the look off perfectly, we headed downstairs.

When we arrived downstairs there was a stack of chocolate chip pancakes in the middle of the table, and Jacob had already started to dig in. I sat in the chair next to him and piled three pancakes onto my plate before speaking.

“Hey Jake.” I said in between mouth full’s of my first pancake while he was on his seventh.

“Hey Ness.” Jake said while leaning over and planting a kiss on my right cheek.

Jake, and I have been together for as long as I can remember, he is my best friend and I am his. We are like two peas in a pod, as his father Billy, has referred to us. When my family and I had moved to Washington, Jake had moved with us and was going to Washington High with the rest of us. I am glad that Jake is here it’s going to be great. Jake and I going to school together, at that exact moment my dad snorted. I looked over to him and smiled. “Sorry dad.” I thought. “You know I love you.” I thought again, this time putting all the emotion I could into the thought and getting a questioning look from Jasper.

Before Jasper could ask dad spoke saying” I love you too, Ness.”

Then Bella, my loving and beautiful mother, - dad smiled at me for that thought came up beside him - had spoken. “We all love you, Ness, and we’re all going to be here for you if you need us, you won’t be alone at all.”

“I know.” I said smiling and taking a big breath. “Let’s do this.” I said.

“Yes, lets.” Emmett said chuckling.

Ten minutes later we were pulling into Washington High School, I’d just spent the entire trip listening to dad explain how we were all related, it went something like this. Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Edward Cullen and I, Renesmee Cullen, were brothers and sisters who had been adopted by Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale were twins who had been adopted also, and then there was Bella and Jacob Black who were cousins staying with Carlisle and Esme Cullen. It was all very confusing, but I knew that my family would be here to help and I got a reassuring smile from Edward, who is now my big brother. Yep, another smile so I must be doing alright.

After getting many stares from the other students, - mine being from mostly guys, which made Jacob wrap his arm firmly around my waist. We finally arrived at the office, where we proceeded to explain to the lady behind the desk, how we were all related.

“Hello, I’m Edward…” Dad said with a polite smile at the woman.

“These are by sisters, Alice and Renesmee Cullen, and my brother, Emmett Cullen. This is Rosalie and Jasper Hale, my adopted brother and sister…” Edward started again. “And this is Bella and Jacob Black, who are cousins.” Everyone smiled and waved when Edward said their name, and then we were handed our schedules. Rose and Emmett, are Sophomores, same with Alice and Jazz. Bella and Edward, are Juniors, and Jacob and I, were Freshmen.

“What do you have before lunch, Ness?” Jacob asked immediately after receiving his schedule.

“English.” I replied after scanning my schedule “Then history.”

“You?” I asked.

“English, then gym.” He stated sounding grim.

“Well we have one class together this morning.” I replied cheerfully.

“Yeah.” Jacob mumbled “Better than none, I guess.”

Bella, Alice and Rose all hugged and wished me luck for my first day. Rose planted a kiss on my cheek. “Don’t worry Ness, everyone will love you.” Rose whispered, though everyone could hear. I sighed “Bye all.” I said before turning to Jake. “Come on, lets go to English.” I said motioning for him to start walking.

“Don’t worry Ness.” Jake said, squeezing my hand as we walked into English.

“Hello, you must be Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen?” The teacher asked politely.

“Yes.” We answered.

“It’s nice to meet you.” The teacher whose name was Mr. Smith replied.

He pointed to two empty seats at the back of the class, and Jake started pulling me towards them.

Most of the class was staring at me and I pulled myself closer to Jake as he wrapped his arm protectively around me.

After Jake and I were seated, Mr. Smith proceeded in telling the class that we would be starting the year off by reading, ‘Gone with the Wind,’ something I had read three times already.

English passed in a blur, then Jake was off to Gym, and I in the opposite direction to endure history alone, my own personal hell, where everyone was going to stare and this time my family wasn’t going to be there to help.

Upon walking into my history class, I was greeted in much the same way, by the teacher Ms Paige. There were only three seats available in this class one by a tall gangly boy with short brown hair, and the other two over on the other side of the class. I decided to take one of the seats on the other side of the room, so that I could have the table to myself.

When I finally reached the table, I sat myself down in the seat closest to the wall, and began to rummage through my bag for my book, when I smelt it. I knew that smell, it was sweet and delicious almost mouth watering, but that wasn’t right, none of my family was supposed in my history class. Maybe they stopped by to give me something, but that doesn’t make sense they could have given it to me this morning. Thoroughly confused now, I lifted my head to the scent, to see which one of my family members it was, only to realize, with a sharp jolt to my stomach, that the person making their way over to me was not from my family, but was indeed a vampire.

Chapter two

Part One

Nessies POV

I couldn’t move, my entire body was in lock down mode. What was I going to do?

First things first… Shield my thoughts, the last thing I need is dad to come flying in and expose us all. I just hoped he wasn’t paying close attention earlier. Then again, dad had gym on the other side of the school, so he may not be able hear so well. I can only hope.

Raising my head, I then noticed that the vampire was not alone, and that his companion, - another tall vampire, with the same brownie-blonde hair, but not nearly as handsome - was making his way over to the only spare seat left in the class. The seat I significantly avoided.

Why did I avoid it? Why were the strange vampires here? Why didn’t Alice foresee this?

Why? Why? Why?

Before I had a chance to answer any of these questions, I heard the seat beside me being slowly dragged back, and then the strange but beautiful… No. Gorgeous vampire, taking the last vacant seat. Upon closer observation, I was able to take in this strange but gorgeous vampire’s eyes, - which were the exact same gold as my family’s, after they have hunted. I wonder if that means he doesn’t hunt humans. Wonder if his friend has the same colour eyes as him, or if they are a brilliant crimson red. The eyes were not the only thing I noticed, there was also his scent, it was amazing not like any other vampire scent, I had ever encountered before, it was intoxicating. The smell of fresh honey-milk chocolate covered strawberries.

I hadn’t noticed I’d been leaning in towards his delicious aroma until, Ms Paige asked me a question, which I simply had to answer with a… “ I’m sorry, I don’t know Ms Paige.” Which earned me a disapproving look, and a please pay more a attention Miss. Cullen. After embarrassing myself, and blushing redder then a tomato, I noticed that the strange vampire beside me was watching me with a sweet smile on his face, and before I had time to think, I was smiling back, which obviously gave him the confidence to speak. “Hello, my name is Josh.”

And, oh my gosh, he had a voice like a God, to match his beautiful face. Not wanting to seem rude, I answered in a sugary sweet tone “Hi, I’m Renesmee, but you can call me, Nessie, if you like.”

“Nessie, I like it.” He replied smiling. “Do you know what I am Nessie?” He asked, the smile vanishing. “Yes.” I whispered, while nodding to make sure he could see that I understood. Making sure that no one was listening in on our conversation, I whispered so only his acute senses would pick it up. “You’re a vampire…” I paused before adding “and so is he.” I stated, motioning to his companion on the other side of the room, who was obviously listening to our conversation, even if he wasn’t facing our direction.

“Yes, that is correct.” Josh stated. “So you know what we are, would you care to explain what you are?” He asked, all the while not breaking eye contact. The question kind of confused me, so I replied. “Excuse me?” Raising my right brow.

He sighed. “Well, you’re not human, even if you do have a heartbeat, you’re way to beautiful to be a human.” Which made me blush, breaking his intense gaze for the first time. “But you do indeed have a heartbeat, however much faster it is then the average human being, and I’m sure that your skin is just as impenetrable as mine is, though I am not willing to try.” He smiled, and I couldn’t resist, I had to answer with my own.

“So would you like to enlighten me with the secret of what you are?” He asked, leaning in towards me.

I paused not sure on whether to tell him what I was, and whether my family would approve of me spilling my guts to a random vampire, I met in my history class. With the battle of whether to tell or not to tell raging inside me, I was finding myself being pulled towards the side of telling him what I was.

There is something about him, I don’t know what it is, but I want him to know who I am, I want him to love me, and I never want to let him go.

Chapter two

Part two

Josh’s POV

Three weeks earlier…

Marcus and I arrived in Washington three weeks ahead of the rest of our family; it was our job to scope out our new surroundings and find a place for our family to live. It’s a good thing that vampires don’t need sleep otherwise we wouldn’t have found a house big enough for all of us. There are twelve members in our family, which is considered highly unusual in the vampire world but that is not the case for us, as we are blood related. This is due to our mother, who we call Amanda now after many strange looks from people, and her extraordinary gift, she is the leader of our coven. Her gift is that she can bear children, so even though she is a vampire her body is still alive. I guess you could say that it’s every women’s nightmare when they are changed from a human to a vampire, and find out they can no longer have children. Amanda on the other hand is the complete opposite; while she may have the ‘hard as rock’ skin, like all vampires, and any other trait of a vampire, she still has a monthly menstrual cycle which allows her to have children, like any normal human being.

Since she first found out that she had this gift, she has not been able to pass on the gene as she has no daughters, and over the last five centuries, she has given birth to seven sons and counting, as she calls herself the breeder and refuses to settle down with a mate, saying it is her job to expand on the vampire world, because of her rare gift. Three of my brothers have found mates which joined our family’s coven. I am in the middle of seven, and have not found a mate, but I’m not worried, the most important people to me are my family, and that will never change. Marcus is the oldest, even though he looks no older than twenty. After giving birth to her first son Marcus, Amanda had time to work out that we would eventually reach maturity, approximately eight and a half years after our birth, drinking only blood, being bottle feed until we were old enough to hunt.

It was human blood until our mother gave birth to our youngest brother - so far, - Jesse (who she babies a little, being the only human in a family full of vampires,) who turned out to be human which was a shock as his father is a vampire and has been for two hundred and fifty years and counting.

Since then most of our family switched from the life of living off human blood, to living off animal blood. Marcus is the only who continues to feed off the blood of humans and only occasionally drinks the blood of animals.

That he said would change once we moved to Washington, as we’d be living in such close proximities to humans.

We had three weeks before we would be going to Washington High, where Marcus, Jesse and I would be attending as freshmen.

Jesse could easily pull it off, being a sixteen year old human that is. Marcus and I, on the other hand, will be getting a little help from one of our brothers, Adam, who has a gift which changes the way you look, the ability to make you look aged, or youthful. His gift came in handy when we didn’t want to move around a lot, which is a necessity, because people found out we were never aging. Jesse, being human is the only one in our family without a gift, and is very interested in whether or not he will get a gift when he is eventually changed. It was decided after much debate that Jesse would be changed shortly after his eighteenth birthday.

Two days before we were to attend Washington high, Amanda and the rest of our brothers Adam, Brad, Chris and James arrived at the new house. Amanda phoned the school and registred all of us; all we had to do was pick up our schedules from the front office on Monday morning. Chris and James, were attending as seniors, Adam and Brad as sophomores and Marcus, Jesse and I as freshmen with the help of Adam, and his gift.

Monday morning came in a blur, and in the early hours of the morning, while Jesse was still asleep, the family had just started to discuss what was to happen. It was decided that Marcus would do most of the talking, when we arrived at the front office later today to pick up our schedules.

Four hours later, we could all hear the distinct change in Jesses breathing, and his heart rate increase. Exactly ten minutes later Jesse came downstairs in jeans and a button down shirt, looking very good for being the only human in a house full of vampires.

After taking a seat at the dining room table, where Brad had set out a small stack of toast with an assortment of spreads, we started to explain to Jesse the routine of today. Jesse was no stranger to moving it would just be a simple run down, of what was to happen so that the humans wouldn’t catch on to what we were, and Jesse being the human and the most comfortable for humans to be around, was to keep an eye out if anyone got suspicious.

“Hey Jesse, you know the drill?” said James. “Yeah, the routine hasn’t changed. I know what to say and do James, will you chill?” Jesse said sarcastically. Jesse was right James needed to chill; he’s always the weariest of humans catching on to what we are. He’s a vampire for heaven’s sakes, nothing can touch him, and it’s not like he has a human for a mate, Amy’s a vampire, and has been ever since her change in 1901. She’s more than capable of looking after herself, even though she lets James look after her.

“So you ready for school Bro? Should be fun, huh?” I teased. “Yea sure Josh, it’s a good thing I’m smarter than the average human, maybe I did get a portion of the vampire gene, otherwise I’d be failing, with all the classes I’ve missed because of all of us moving around.” Jesse retorted looking sour. “Only two more years, then mum can change you into a vampire, it’s not really that long bro.” I said sympathetically. “Not long for a vampire you mean.” He grumbled. “Don’t worry love, it’ll come.” Mum said lovingly. “Now finish your breakfast, you don’t want to be late on the first day.” She said before wandering into the kitchen. “I’m done.” He said a minute later, and grabbed his bag as we headed for the door. “Bye mum.” He called before heading out the door after us. “Bye.” The rest of us breathed, it was no higher than a whisper, but it was clear. “Bye boys.” From mum, she must have used a louder the usual voice, for Jesses benefit.

“Shot gun, front seat!” Said Marcus. “What? You always get the front seat, can’t I have it this time?” Complained Jesse. “Marcus, just let him have the front seat.” I sighed. “Why?” Marcus quipped. “Cause I said so, and this is my car so what I say goes, got it?” I practically shouted at him. “I was just having a laugh man, chill.” Marcus replied looking somber, while jumping into the back seat with Adam, Brad, Chris, and, James making room for Jesse to squeeze past him and jump into the front seat of my monster ten seater, black SUV.

The ride to school was quiet. We arrived, with fifteen minutes to spare, thanks to my brilliant driving skills. “The front office is this way guys.” I said motioning to a big cream building, to the left of us. Upon entering the small office, the smell hit me like the force of a wrecking ball, and looking around me I noticed that I wasn’t the only one of my family who had noticed, the distinct smell of vampires. They were all on guard; Jesse had noticed our complete stillness but knew better then to ask. Our plans of having Marcus as the only person to speak to create less suspicion had been abandoned and Jesse seeing that we were all preoccupied, approached the front desk where a middle aged women gave us a welcoming smile, and said “You must be the Ryan boys, yes?” She asked. “Yes, that’s us” replied Jesse. “Well then, welcome to Washington High, here are your schedules.” She continued. Jesse accepted the schedules and started passing them around. While we all briefly glanced over our schedules, Jesse could see that we all needed to talk and quickly. We thanked the receptionist as we headed out the door. As soon as we were out of the confines of the office, everyone started speaking at once before Jesse called us all to a stop. “HEY!!! Will someone tell me what the hell is going on???” He said getting more frustrated, when no one was answering him. “Did you guys hear me; I said what’s going on?” We all looked at each other for a brief moment before… “You tell him.” Said Adam suddenly. I looked around at my brothers and they all had the same look on their faces, which read that they didn’t want to be the one who informed Jesse that there were other vampires in this area, and by the smell of their scent there are quite a few and also maybe a werewolf, with them as there was a lingering scent of it in the office back there. I thought about how I was going to handle this when I had a sudden thought that made me smile. “Fine.” I said smirking at Adam “But you have to call mum and let her know.” I continued and was pleased when the smile was wiped clean off his face. After explaining to Jesse about there being vampires in the area, he was in shock at first, then scared as his scent was particularly pleasing, if you are a blood drinker and it’s lucky that we have Chris, with his ability to mask the scent of human blood, and who has kept his gift attuned to Jesse, and now doesn’t even have to try for his scent to be completely undetectable to the vampire race. It is this reason exactly, that stopped Amanda from coming down to the school and running Jesse all the way home to make sure he was safe. It was decided that we would stay at school and see what happened, if they turned up then we would just returned home and pack ready to move on, if not then we would stay. The bell for the first class of the day rang, and we all headed off in our different directions, Jesse, Marcus and I had chemistry first period, then Marcus and I had history, while Jesse would have gym. The only problem we had with that was that no one had gym with him so Chris would have to make sure that even if there is a vampire in his gym class it won’t be able to smell him.

Chemistry passed in a blur, it is so boring when you repeated school at least eight times. Jesse was the lucky one, only having been through high school once, that is until his eighteenth birthday in two years, when he’ll go through high school over and over lucky for us we have Adam, so we can choose which year we want to be in, so we’re not always stuck doing the same thing. Once for a laugh Adam had made Brad look like a ten year old and wouldn’t change him back so Brad spent the whole of 1946 looking like a child. We left chemistry, and said bye to Jesse as we headed for history. The history class was almost full, there were only two seats left in the class, one next to a tall gangly boy and one next to a pretty girl. No pretty was an understatement, she was beautiful. Long Blondie-brown hair set in gorgeous curls, medium height and slender. She is so beautiful I would swear she was a vampire but then that doesn’t make sense her skin isn’t pale like it should be, it’s a beautiful red russet and there’s a hint of blush in her cheeks. She definitely isn’t a vampire but she can’t be human, no female human is that beautiful no male human is that beautiful not even Jesse who has a vampire for a mother is that beautiful, and he’s very handsome compared to other human males.

That’s when I decided, I simply had to know what this beautiful girl was, and if that meant I had to tell her I was a vampire, then that’s what I would do.

I started to make my way over to her and as I did Marcus made his way over to the last spare seat, next to the boy. As Marcus started to, I noticed that she gave him a weary look, and then glanced at the boy. This is interesting maybe she already knows what we are maybe that’s why she looks so frightened. Either way I wouldn’t hurt her, and neither would my brothers, she’s mine.

I noticed that she’d had put her head back down, and this gave me the opportunity to glide over to the empty chair next to her. I decided that I would give her some former warning, that I was there just in case I was wrong and she was just an exceptionally beautiful human, which I highly doubted, but still. So I slowly dragged the chair out from under the table and seated myself in it ready for the lesson to begin.

A minute later when the teacher, - Ms Paige was her name, - had started the lesson and I noticed that the strange girl next to me was leaning in towards me slightly, which made me smile as I remembered a girl who told me that I smelled liked fresh honey-milk chocolate covered strawberries, and apparently was a very appealing aroma for young women, though I never really noticed, but this girl had a strange hold over me, as I found myself daydreaming about her until I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and I had to introduce myself saying “Hello, my name is Josh.” She seemed to hesitate for a moment before answering “Hi, I’m Renesmee but you can call me Nessie if you like.” She said looking a little unhappy with what she had said. Renesmee what an unusual name but it fits her well; I wonder where she gets Nessie from. “Nessie, I like it.” I said smiling. I guess there’s no beating around the bush, so here goes. “Do you know what I am Nessie?” I said wiping the smile from my face to let her know that I wasn’t joking. “Yes.” She said simply nodding, all the while to make sure that I knew she understood. Making sure that no one was listening in on our conversation, she leaned and said “You’re a vampire.” Pausing before adding “And so is he.” She said glancing at Marcus who was obviously listening before returning her gaze back to me. This is where I could take my chance to find out what she was, so I answered “Yes that is correct, so you know what we are, would you care to explain what you are?” I said patiently. She seemed a little confused by this saying “Excuse me?” And cocking a perfectly arched eyebrow. I sighed “Well you’re not human, even if you do have a heartbeat, your way to beautiful to be a human.” I said, which made her blush a cherry red and sent a smile to my lips. “But you do indeed have a heartbeat, however much faster it is then the average human being, and I’m sure that your skin is just as impenetrable as mine is, though I am not willing to try.” I said smiling, which she answered with her own smile, it was just as beautiful as she is. “So would you like to enlighten me with the secret of what you are?” I asked leaning in towards her letting just a little of my scent near, but not too much as to overwhelm her. She paused thinking, and you could almost see her arguing with herself over whether to tell me or not, I just hope that she trusts me enough to tell me, and that one day she’ll love me just like I love her now, and will for the rest of my existence.

Chapter Three

Part One

Nessies POV

I still wasn’t sure whether to tell him what I was, or about my family, even though I knew I loved him, there was still something there holding me back, not letting me take that final step in revealing who and what I was. It was like there was an iron cable holding onto me, keeping me from saying anything, and on top of this, I also had to compete with his brainwashing scent, which wasn’t helping my resolve to keep what I am a secret. So the argument with myself came to an end, and I found that the two different sides of me had come to a compromise, that I was only going to tell him some of my story. After all it wouldn’t hurt for him to know some of the story, and maybe I’d learn a thing or two about him, what he and his companion were doing here for example.

I thought that I would make it easier for him, and myself by asking if this is what he wanted to know, and if he was one hundred percent sure that he could handle what was going to say. I think that I was just asking him, so I could reassure myself, that he wouldn’t run from me once he found out I was a half breed, neither human nor vampire. I was a freak in a world of freaks, even if my family tried to convince me otherwise. I took a breath to steady myself when I realized that the lesson should have been over, but upon looking around the classroom I noticed that no one had made an attempt to move, so maybe it was just my imagination. After my little moment of being sidetracked I came back to the task at hand.

Before proceeding, I took another breath and then started to explain my existence to the beautiful creature sitting beside me, putting the shield up that mum passed on to me. It was one of the few characteristics that I had inherited from her, along with her chocolate brown eyes.

It took almost ten seconds after I had finished my story, before Josh started to respond.

“So what you’re saying is, that you are a mixture of the two races, half vampire, half human?” Josh queried. “Yes.” I replied wondering how he was taking the avalanche of information that I had just piled on him. I’m sure even for a vampire, it was a lot to take in; by the look on his face I could tell he had many questions he wanted to ask. “It looks like you have some questions for me.” I said with a slight smile.

“Yes.” he answered “I was just wondering where to start and what to ask?” He said returning to his thinking.

Just as he said this, I remembered the time and voiced my concern aloud. “This lesson seems very long, I wonder why that is?” I mumbled more to myself then to anyone in particular. The only problem is that, when you live with vampires, or have vampire friends, you can never mumble anything, so Josh heard me of course. “Oh.” He said looking a little ashamed. “It’s not actually long, you see my brother over there.” He said pointing to his companion. “Well he has a gift where he can start, and stop time.” He said looking at me trying to judge my reaction. I finally answered saying “Will anyone notice?” Josh smiled. “The humans won’t notice, but your family may notice that the lesson they are in is longer than usual, but otherwise most vampires don’t notice at all, being immortal, - time doesn’t really matter. However they may noticed if my brother continues holding up time, so I think we may have to continue this conversation later, if that is okay with you?” He said and then signaled to his brother, which made the room feel disoriented before going back to normal. “Will the humans or my family what just happened?” I asked. “No.” Marcus spoke for the first time and I noticed that his voice wasn’t the usual musical that most vampires had, and briefly I pondered on the reason for this until I heard Josh speaking to me. “Nessie, don’t tell your family about us just yet, there are quite a fare few of us and we don’t want to start anything.” He said bringing my right hand to his lips where he placed a feather light kiss. It made my heart skip a beat, and my breath catch in my throat, and I heard him chuckle. “Wait.” I said when he was just at the classroom door, where his brother had just previously exited. I was glad when he turned around to face me. “Yes?” He said.

“When will I see you again?” I said, almost pleading for him to stay.

“Soon, I will find you.” He said leaving the classroom, and me standing there intoxicated by the scent he had left behind.

Luckily his scent didn’t last too long, after about five seconds it was almost impossible to tell that there had been a vampire in this room, so when Jake came in wondering where I was five minutes later there was no trace of the vampire scent left, so he didn’t notice anything unusual at all, which was good. “Hey Ness, what’s the hold up?” Jake said. “Huh?” I said a little confused. “I said, what’s the hold up? Are you coming to lunch?” He said a little more worried now, that I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t seem to know where I was. “Yeah, I’m coming.” I replied a little startled. As soon as he saw that I was at least paying attention, he wandered over to me and pulled me in to the cradle of his arm, and walked out of the classroom towards the cafeteria. “Are you sure you’re okay Nessie, you look a little confused.” Jake said rubbing the left side of my shoulder.

As Jake and I walked into the cafeteria, I could tell that the rest of the vampires had noticed something usual, so I grabbed Jakes hand and headed to get some food. We would be the only ones eating. The rest of my family would just pretend to eat. After I chose some pizza and an apple the only human food that I really enjoyed, I noticed that Jake had piled his plate with just about all the food that was in the cafeteria. We headed back to the table where my family was now talking in low whispers.

When Jake and I arrived at the table, there were only two seats left. Jake pulled one of the seats out and waited for me to seat myself into it. After I took a seat, Jake took the last chair, and I picked up my apple, just as I was about to take a bite, I noticed that dad was staring at me, which made me a little uncomfortable. So I checked to see if my shield was working properly. Satisfied that it was, I looked back down at my apple, I took a small bite waiting for the questions to come.

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Comment by Twilight_Luver on April 12, 2009 at 1:08pm
wow! that was amazing!

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