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This, actually, is my first blog entry, ever, anywhere!

I'm going to start out by saying hello to all of you- lets all get introduced! Say hello to me as well.

My name is Chelsea. I'm seventeen years old, and have been type one diabetic since 1 and a half. I love to write, original stories and fanfiction. I love to make fan videos of the books that I love.

The above is quite boring and I doubt you want to read it, so I'm just going to move on with it.

What's been going on today? I have found someone that I think would be amazing as Caius of the Volturi - Paul Bettany. Plus? He's as amazing as Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, and Kellen Lutz. He looks the part - ever seen Davinci Code? He was Silas. Did you see Secret Life of Bees? He was the father, T.Ray. I saw another of his movies today, Firewall - he can definitly pull off being evil, there's no doubt about it. Go check him out.

Hmmm... I'm gonna plug my fanfiction, 'cause I have nothing better to do with my life.

Animal Crackers
(written before Breaking Dawn was released)

Edward and Bella were living a good life - until the birth of twin daughters. Edward dissapeared when the girls were only one day old. For eight years, Bella Swan lived on her own with the girls.

For eight years - until the day that she died.

Now, the twins, Cynthia and Elizabeth, are sixteen and living with their foster parents, the Robinsons. The situation isn't that great, and both of them dream of going to find their real father, in the town that they grew up in.

They don't have to go further then their local cofee shop.

What is the truth behind all of the lies? Where are the rest of the Cullens? Who's dead, and who's alive?

Includes a bloodthirsty, out of control CANON character, the Volturi, and a twist you wouldn't have expected.


Alright, well, I think I'm going to head out now - post a comment! What do you want me to talk about next time? I need ideas.

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