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My Vampire academy please do not copy My twin voda wrote this but i help

Hey I'm MiaRose Voda. I used to go to St. Vlads but I just graduated and know I am a real guardian. Now I live at Court with my mom, Priscilla Voda and my sister Izabelle. We don't know how it happened but I'm a dhampir aka a half Moroi and half human, and Izabelle is a Moroi which is a living vampire. Honestly we have no idea how it happened. We have never met our dad because well, don't tell but we are illegitimate. Shhh. Our mom is the Queens best friend. I'm so happy I graduated because now I get to spend more time with Izabelle. She didn't go to St. Vlads because mom is super protective of her.


Today was the New Guardian Ball. Mom almost didn't let me go. She is so protective of us. Once I told her that the ball is for me then she finally complied. But she didn't let Izabelle go. What does she think will happen? That we'll meet our father and run away with him? Honestly that women.

The Ball was so much fun! I wish Izabelle could have come. I hung out with my friends Rose and Eddie. It was really cool.


So Izabelle and I were waiting for Mom to get out of her meeting with the Queen and I decieded to practice my Guardian duties on Izabelle. I was up against the wall where I would stand unnoticed. Izabelle soon forgot I was there and started counting the floor tiles. Some Moroi boy came and almost ran into her. He held her away from him and told her to stop apologizing. He was kind of handsome. Messy brown hair, green eyes, and he was tall. He towered over my petite sister. Then he called her a dhampir. I know shes small but not that small! Then as I was going to step out and say something my mother came out. She said to him "Why hello Adrian. I see you've met my daughter Izabelle. Where-Ahh and this is my other daughter MiaRose" and she pulled me out of hiding spot. He looked surprised I dont know if it was because of me coming out of the shadows or if it was because of us being Priscilla Vodas daughters.


Today is my birthday. My mom took Izabelle out shopping so I went out and made some invitations for a party. I wasn't going to go to the usual birthday dinner. I was going to have a party like a normal teenager. Later after Mom and Izabelle came home, Izabelle said she was going to the library and I decieded I would break the news to my mom then. I told her and...well...she didn't exactly disagree but she didn't seem happy. Well so what!


The party was amazing! All of my friends were there and even a bunch of other people-it was soooo fun!!


Today we thought of another way to find out about our father and I am so shocked that I did not think of it sooner! So before our mother woke up we walked over to the Gaurdians headquarters. we went to the front desk and there was an older man at the front desk so I gently asked him if we could go look at the files. He must have not had the best hearing because he did not even look up from his paper. I asked him again. Still no response. I was getting frustrated now. We turned around and izabelle ran right into a girl.Izabelle asked her, politely of course if she could get me to the file room. She responded with "Sorry I don't work here...yet. I'm here to see somebody. What's your guy's names?" she told her it was Izabelle Marie Voda and my sister MiaRose and that we were Priscilla Voda's daughter. She said hers was Rose Hathaway. We said good bye and took off to brunch with our mother and Her Majesty.

MiaRose Dimitria Voda


This afternoon, strangly enough, Adrian invited Izabelle to lunch. So i thought i'd go and practice my guardain skills once again. He had just called and asked if she would like to join him and his friends for lunch.Some of them were my friends too. Of course she said yes because she needs a friend and I think she has a crush on him!She asked our mother if she had anything to do with it and she said no. Although I was perplexed she was very happy and she rushed off with out even saying good bye. Really mother!? So she got dressed in some black shorts, a white tank top, my polkadot hat, and some new shoes our mother had gotten her and I got dressed in my guardain outfit .I thought she looked okay at best but Adrian and his guy friends seemed to thought different. His friends were a moroi with blonde hair and green eyes who we knew to be Vasilissa Dragomir, A dhampir named Mason, another moroi named Christian, and...Rose Hathaway, I new all theses people but, Izabelle could she didn't . Rose Hathaway the girl Izabelle met in the gaurdian head quarters. Well I guess Izabelle met her I already knew her we went ot school together. I felt wierd just standing there so I went over and hung out with Rose!


More to come

like isaid please DO NOT COPY!

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