The Twilight Saga

I will never forget that summer for as long as I live. The summer where I found the love of my life, I was givein the thing that I needed to seek my life long dream then lost it, the summer I lost my best friend and my life changed completely.. It was the summer of 1973, in which I had my 17th birthday party, were I had all my closest friend's and family by my side.. Back then we didn't have all of the cool things we here today instead we had friends and made our own fun. Maybe now I should introduce myself, my name is Rosalie Hartman and I am a vampire. This is my story.. I remember back than how I use to be such a free spirt, how I loved fashion, and how i loved to just go outside and be in nature and with my friends! Just thinking back on it now brings tears to my eyes... Anyways back to the day of my 17th birthday... My best friend in the entire world Alex and I were watching the creek outside of my house go by.. Waiting for the party to come was agonizing and hard. I just want to turn the clock forward to 1:00 pm and rush home to put on my dress and make up. I want to open the box with my pump's and watch as my friends come over to have the party, but I am stuck waiting with all the agony to go along with it! I watched as Alex picked up the stone by his shoes and skimmed it across the water. I laughed at the rock as it bounced once then sunk. Even though Alex was my best friend, it was still alittle ocward to hang out alone since I have liked him for like 3 years.. But life goes on I guess. But I kinda feel like today is different thn any other time, I mean it is my 17th birthday and he told me that it was going to be an unforgetable day but he just wouldn't tell me why.. Which makes me wonder if he wasn't planning to tell me how he felt about me?? I looked over at Alex who looked... nervous. He looked up to see me looking at him and tried as hard as he could to hide his expression but as hard as he tried, he just couldn't do it.. I chose to let what I was thinking go and turned back to the water. Within a few seconds, I felt Alex put his head on my shoulder. And in that moment turned my head toward him and....



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