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My life was just beginning... well after being born of course. I remember I wasn't crying, or screaming. I wasn't kicking or wiggiling. I just was still inhaling and exhaling. I remember my Grandfather, Carilisle, washing me off with nice luke warm water. Then after that everything went black... until I looked like I was a two year old about a day or two later. Ya, I know, you are probably wondering, "a day or two?" Well see Im a vampire/ werewolf mix, but you can just call me Werepire. Thats what my mother calls me. Well anyways back to the story.
My mom called my name while I was laying on the couch resting. I ran over to her in a instant and she asked, "Are you ready for breakfast? Your grandma made you some pancakes." I nodded and ran around all crazily like any baby would. After eating I ran outside into the field were my mother was sitting. "Momma, momma!" I laughed. She played with me in the field, also telling me what I was... a hybrid. I told her how I couldn't wait to turn into a wolf but her response was a sigh. I ran inside jumping up and down when we got home. I played with my Aunt Bella for a bit then had dinner and went to bed. Ready for tomorrow.

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