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I was never the tallest girl growing up. When standing near others you would mistake me for a child or a fairy in person. I am super tiny and have a heart as big as they come. I have a short tossed around hair style that is fun and easy to play with. Every girl loves to have a fun look but I, myself, love to make an occasion out of any event. I am the biggest fan of parties and shopping trips. My credit cards are all platinum and they truly are my best friends. The life I currently live feels like a fairy tale but my entire life has not always been this way.

I cannot recall much of my past to be honest. I just know a few things about my human life. I was born and raised in the 1920's in Biloxi,Mississippi. I dont remember much of my parents only their reaction to my talent which was dicovred at a young age. My gift was looked at as a curse in their eyes. I was not like any normal child growing up. I was one with a special ability. I was able to see the future. Seeing the future was not a gift but a curse to the loved ones around me. I was put in a insane asylum which was worst than death.

Not only was I locked away from the public eye but I also had to undergo constant shock treatment. I could not tell you why I had to go through such pain and suffering. Each day would cause less memory of my life to fade away. It was torturous and painful. I wish no pain as such on anyone in my life, not even my enemies. It is something that I am glad that I was able to forget much of the past. Being a young girl in a prison like this was one something that we read about, not endure. A piece of me started to loose hope until a worker at the asylum saved me from a vampire. This hero of mine was also a vampire as well. Instead of hurting me he changed me into his own kind. I was now a vampire.


Not only was I a freak but now a monster. The man sent me on my way but soon after the tracker caught up wit him and killed the man who saved my life. I will forever owe him my debt and life. As I ventured off alone I realized my senses were enhanced so much more than my human life. I was able to see the future more than every before. I saw a family. A unique family that would become my own. Others like me that were outcasts but now apart of society. The Cullens were different than other vampires. They did not feast on human blood but drank animals instead. I followed my visions and heart and it soon led me to not only a hopeful family but another vision to a creature named Jasper. He too was a vampire. How is it I could love someone before I have even met him? I found Jasper in 1948 and two years later I was able to find the Cullen family just like my visions had led me to them.

All my dreams came true when I found the Cullen family. I now had a family who loved and cared for me. Carlisle and Esme were more like the mother and father of our group. Carlisle was a doctor and had hope to help the human race. I respect Carlisle and the others so much for trying to turn from the vampire ways and try to live among the humans. Jasper and I chose to finally get married. It was so perfect. I could never have asked for anyone better to be apart of my life. All of us had a mate but our dear brother Edward Cullen but that changed in 2005 when chief Swan's daughter, Isabella Marie Swan, moved to Forks, WA. The first time I saw Bella was at Forks High School. I supported Edward and his decision of being around Bella. Edward was infatuate with Bella. For Edward to love a human could only lead to trouble.

Edward tired to at first avoid Bella in every way he could. He did not want to hurt the kill nor did he want to ruin our cover in the human eyes. Edward soon gave up and gave in to the human girl and her ways. He fell in love with a being different than us. Out of all the others, I was the most s


upportive of Edward's choice. Bella was his love. How could I deny love when my brother was a hundred years old virgin at that. Rosalie disliked Bella the most out of the family. Her jealousy burned in her heart.

Bella may not have been Rose's favorite human girl in town but the others started to warm up to Bella quickly. Esme was thrilled there was someone in Edward's life after so many years of being lonely. We decided to spend more time with Bella so we invited her to a family baseball game. This is nothing like your MBA teams. We have to play only during a thunderstorm to cover up any hint of us causing a scene. Things were going wonderfully until the others came. There are others like us. Victoria, James and Laurent were the nomads of the area. They lived much differently than we do. They hunted humans instead of animals. We almost were able to leave without being noticed with a human but James smelt her scent and the hunt was on. James was a tracker.

We tried to protect Bella but some how she was tricked into the tracker's trap for her to fall into. James told Bella about my past and I discovered that James was the same vampire who killed the worker who saved me years ago. We were able to get to James before it was too late. One problem, Bella was bitten. Edward had to suck out the venom before she changed into one of us. He had to save her. Edward wanted Bella to stay human in the end. To cover up our story Carlisle put me in charge of making it look as if Bella fell down the stairs at the hotel. I got a little carried away with making the scene look as if it were a crime. Edward teases Bella to sue to hotel for what had happened to her. It has become a little joke we bring up time to time at the house.

After things settled Bella explained to me about my past and how James was tracking me and told me about some of my past. Cynthia, my sister, had a daughter. I was an aunt. My niece was still living. The last relative I had living in the world. How it hurt to not see her grow up but humans age while vampires stay young forever. Bella was getting old while we stayed young. Bella's birthday that year had to be perfect. I had everything set up perfectly for her. I decorated the entire house in honor of our guest. Bella was opening one of her presents and got a paper cut. A house hold of vampire something so simple turned into a damage control. Jasper sprung after Bella but Edward quickly was able to stop Jasper before he could reach Bella. That was Edward's last ounce of hope for Bella. He decided it was best that we leave Bella behind so she could live a normal life among the humans.


It was selfish of me to not want to leave Bella but following my brother's wishes we left. I hated leaving Bella behind and it hurt me to know how much it would hurt her. My vision showed me that Bella and I would become best friends. It did not make sense to me. But I trusted that Edward would make the best decision for Bella and we all moved. While the rest of us tried to live a normal life, Edward mourned his choice of leaving Bella. The entire family fell into a depression. We knew Edward was hurting and Bella was also hurting inside. I felt pain for both of them. True love was broken apart for the well being for both of them. Everything was going according to plan until my visions started to show Bella again.

Bella in trouble. The vision was a dreadful horror to everyone. Bella appeared to have jumped off a cliff. When telling them of this vision, Edward called Bella's home and through lack of translation which led us to believe Bella committed suicide. I wanted to investigate these allegations before resting my soul on that end. To my surprise I found Bella alive and well. Her simple cliff dive story fell through but she was not only dancing around danger with us but she also was hanging around the shape shifters. Jacob Black was a shapeshifter like the others. This was only going to lead to trouble in the end. Vampires and shape shifters were not alike in any way. But there was more serious matters among the issues.

After hearing how Rose told Edward Bella was dead it only caused more problems for our family. Edward was going to the Volturi. He was banishing himself for death. This called for us to act on this quickly. Me and Bella jumped on the next flight to Italy so we could save our dear Edward's life. Lucky for my grand theft auto skills we were able to snag a yellow porsche to get to the center where Edward would face the Volturi. We were able to get Bella to Edward before he was able to do any harm to himself. After saving Edward Bella insisted on the idea of becoming a vampire. I told Bella if I needed too I would change her myself and promised she would become apart of the Cullen family soon enough.

Anyway, Victoria, James’ mate, decides suddenly she wants to kill Bella in a sick revenge... mate for mate. She makes an army of new born vampires, and has them steal Bella’s scent. We had to protect Bella once again. Facing a bunch of new born vampires would be a challenge but we had t


o solve this situation before things got out of hand. We finally found ourselves working with there werewolves. None of us were thrilled about the situation but we both had the same goal of ending this once and for all.

We all had to learn how to fight the new born vampires. Jasper had the knowledge and ability to teach us how to fight against the army that was after us. Working with the werewolves brought us closer as a team. Two different types of species working together in harmony was a wonderful thing to be apart of. Teamed with the shape shifters, we managed to beat them, and after that Edward and Bella got engaged. Well, they were already engaged, but Bella finally said I could plan her wedding, so that was when it was official, anyway. Because really; I shudder to think what their wedding would look if they didn’t have me.

Bella and Edward got married quickly after. During their honeymoon we received news on her being pregnant. This would be a half vampire and half human child. Rosalie became very protective of Bella since she was pregnant and Rose always wanted to be human so she felt more connected to Bella in a way. Jacob split from his pack with some others since they wanted to kill the child growing in Bella's womb. But this pregnancy was not a normal 9 month pregnant. Bella was growing fast and was due any day. The baby kept hurting Bella since it was stronger than a normal child. When Bella gave birth we all knew that after the birth we would have to change her and Edward did.

Bella looked stunning after the change and we finally felt peace since she was no long fragile. Jacob imprinted on Nessie and so the other pack accepted Nessie as well since an imprint is deeper than anything else. The news of Nessie hit Italy and the Volturi was coming for us. Me and Jasper left the family to try and find a half human and half vampire that could stand with us. We gathered man friends to show the Volturi that Nessie was no threat. I was able to find this breed and we presented it to the others and they saw that she was human and was no threat to them. They also saw our numbers and talent were higher on the battle field as well. So here we are today just living our lives and enjoying life each and every day.

Things are finally at peace in Forks,Washington. The Volturi are back in Italy and we are finally at peace with the wolves because of Jake's imprint on Nessie. Everything is back to a normal way of living. Being selfish has never been my way of living but I decided to change things up this current decade. Throughout my years I have seen fashion and beauty evolve over the years. I never took into consideration of owning my own company in the fashion industry. I have accomplished everything I have ever set and I decided it is time to do something new and exciting. Graduating at Forks was exciting. I could finally move out of this town and go to F.I.D.M. in Los Angeles,CA to peruse my fashion design dreams of one day designing a company to compete with other high-end fashion designers. My dreams are having to take a new route due to the situations that have occur. Bella, my newest sister-in-law, felt the need of having me near by her and the family. My love for my family is the biggest thing in my life so I decided to stay near Forks by attending the local community college.

Peninsula College is the perfect place to get my general education classes finished. One summer I ran into Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley in a fashion class and we all have become close ever since. Jessica and Bella are still on good terms but Lauren has her grudges against Bella but we found a medium of making past things. Unlike Bella, Lauren and Jessica love fashion and cosmetics almost as much as I do. We try to meet up as much as we can but sometimes it can be difficult due to classes and the distance since they both go to State University. I have been very lucky to have so many amazing people in my life still. I keep in touch with all my old class mates from Forks High School. It's nice to still be knowing for throwing the best parties in the entire state of Washington. I take pride in all my work, even if it is being the host of the human race.

When I am not occupied with classes and homework I try to spend time with Jasper. He is the most amazing thing in my life. Jasper is very understanding with my studies which makes things so much easier for me. We still live with the rest of the Cullen family but we extended the bottom half of the house for me and Jasper to have more privacy. Emmett and Rose tend to disrupt my studies in the middle of the night. I can only patch up the wall so many times. Our section of the house is so wonderful and peaceful. We have a huge closet for all my clothes and a plasma flat screen TV for all our movie and Jasper's guitar hero. Carisle and Esme built a little studio for my design work shop so I can start working on my designer brands. I totally love our little living area and it is now truly a home for me and Jasper.

I have always been the social one in our family. That is probably why I seem to be the closest with our new coven allies. The Denali Coven are the closest thing to a distant family to us. Tanya is basically a sister to me now. We will meet half way for some hunting trips and talk about how things are going. Tanya still wines about Edward but I am sure after another decade or two she will move on. Irina, Kate and Carmen are always raiding my closet and snatching anything they can get their fangs on. They seem to love all of my designs which makes me feel even more accomplished. It is great having such a supportive family toward my goals. I do not know what I would do without my amazing family and friends. They are the backbone in my life and I am so thankful for all their love and support. My life is a fairy tale that keeps repeating over and over.

                                                                          Me and Jasper:

 Jasper is my soul mate. Our souls are conenected for all eternity. We are in and undying and unfading love we hold for each other for all of time. You are my prince,my warrior, my lover, my friend cemented with a love that will never end.













This is my story, it is a fairytale, I am one of the lucky ones as I have been blessed to live like this When I was younger I would never have dreamed that I would be living like this with a family who loves  and cares for me and would do anything for me and a husband who thinks the world of me and would die if I died , I love my family and Jasper more than anything else in life. I am Mary "Alice" Cullen and it has been a pleasure telling you my story and remember it doesn't matter what you are or who you are  we are all capable of loving somebody. I belive that each of us is a part of a whole.Somewhere out there, exists our other half and when we are joined with them we become complete.



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