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I know I haven't introduced myself

And I hope that you don't mind

But I thought I'd do it right now

In a silly little rhyme

So yeah, you can call me Trixie

And no, I am not a Pixie

But wouldn't it be nice to have fairy wings?

And maybe some sparkly glittery things?


I love the Twilight series

It's in my top ten...

With Divergent and Delirium, and City of Bones, and Maximum Ride, and.....

I'll stop.

So, where was I?

Well let's just guess.

I seem to really love

to wear this one dress

Once upon a Time

is my favorite show

And if you don't like it,

so......... (yeah, I really didn't know what to say.)

So yeah, that's where this long poem concludes

Check out some of my other stuff, dudes.... (I'm not good at this....)

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on April 6, 2013 at 11:44am

ha. loved this. your really good at throwin down a rhyme


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