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todays the day i take my vows, the day i walk down the aisle in my long white dress, and a heart full to bursting ,and something i usually dont have, a smile, i can here. my conscience talking, telling me everythings alright, yet i still here the voices telling me it wont last far into the night. to many ppl take these vows on a whim, and dont last as long as they should, they do it for fun, for ''love', for pleasure things that shouldnt be so easy by measure. and yet i know that troubles will come, i know that fights will sometimes triumph, i know these troubles i hide behind will come in tears and smiles. i do not understand it fully and i know i never will. i will not know why the love i feel is staying with me still, but one thing i know, as i take my vows. one thing that will always stay true. i tell myself i know this thing that im feeling is my love for you

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