The Twilight Saga

Oh my!!! We’re late! My brother and I kiss our mother goodbye at exactly 15 minutes before 7 am. We are half-running and we ride on a pedicab to lessen the time of travel. Then, my brother and I were talking until the pedicab stop on the terminal of the tricycles. Oh, no! There, the handsome white creature appeared in front of me before one of my feet step out of the vehicle. I will never forget this serious face, a face that reminds me of something. Something I can’t explain. And it seemed that the time stopped for a while for me to examine the boy in front of me. I am sure, it is him. He’s my dream when I was in first year. I remembered the first time I saw him, the first time I learned his name, and the first time I talked to him. I don’t know what the feeling of being in love is but I am sure that I am happy to see him again. But then, after that moment, he just passed by and didn’t say anything or smile at me. I think he just didn’t know me. I can’t understand this feeling that just came out of me. This is the first time I feel it. I can’t remove the smile out of my face. My cheeks became red and I thought it will become swollen if I didn’t stop smiling.

When we got inside the tricycle, I just kept on talking to my brother so that he wouldn’t notice the happiness on my eyes. We came to the school just after the flag ceremony. The top 10 students of each section were introduced on the stage. I can’t keep this feeling myself, so I told my friends about what had just happened. They shared the same feelings like mine, but they imagined other boys as their partners, like Edward Cullen of Twilight Series. Oh, well, I like him, too. But he is beyond reality, at least, my crush is reachable, but I don’t think that he can notice me, too.

I felt to the happiness of having some friends that are ready to share their experiences and ready to listen to what you want to say.

I won in the Sci-Dama Challenge and got qualified to the last stage, intersection. There will be three players on the last stage, by round robin, one will win and will be competing on the other sections.

That’s what I called lucky day.

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