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today was a regular week-end and I was happily reading breaking dawn for my book report. I thought I was just going to read all day and act like I was myself. Then, as I was thinking of the near future-which would mean Christmas-and came up to the conclusion:SNOW. Since my natural sadistic
instincts were coming out, I thought of my favorite color, RED. Not just red,BLOODY RED. Imagine the snow, bloody red and you were looking for "HIM".
That would be the prologue of my story. A confused 18 year old looking for her soul mate in the midsts of her parents' assassination. Her soul mate is still unnamed. Her soul mate is all she has left. And it turns out that her soul mate was so obsessed with her, that it was he who assassinated her parents, but she knew minutes after she sold her soul to him, literally "owning" her.
And "HE" was loving her so tenderly that he could not stand the thought of ever leaving her. But he was a decent man.He knew he was a horrible person from the moment he coveted her in the 2nd year of high school. He wanted her. More than anything.
Isn't that a good story plot?
I wish I would here from you all. Please leave a comment for me. If you have ant suggestions or comments(as I said earlier), please don't hesitate to tell me. Remember, I'm the 12 year old girl in the Philippines though I lied in my birth day. Sorry for that. I'm available on Saturdays and Sundays! Remember, I'm a student.*grin*

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