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The Best Man


Get Back

Though a decade passed, she is still the one. She is still the most important for me and I will never lose hope. I know I can find her. I hope we can be together this time.

“Is it about Nancy again?” my mother said as she interrupted my daydreaming. “Son, can you play
for me? I haven’t heard you play for a while.”

Before I started to refuse her, I saw sadness in her eyes. Though I am not in the mood to play, I did it. I don’t want to see her like that. I nearly lose her in a
car accident tree years ago that made her barely recover.

As I finished playing her favorite, I wiped the last droplet of tears flowing from her eyes. When I was a child, I always feel too irritated seeing her crying
after I played a certain piece but as the years passed by, I understood her.

It has been years since I stopped playing piano professionally to concentrate on our old business when my Dad decided to retire.

“Thank you Son,” my Mom said in a husky voice.

“You’re always welcome Mom,” I replied as I hugged her. “I have to go.”

“Where?” she asked confusedly.

“I have an appointment to day with a client. But I still don’t have any idea who he is so I decided to go early in the office. Bye Mom.”

“Wait! I don’t think its safe to meet a client if you don’t know him.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be safe. BYE.”

I. Client


me that the client is already waiting for me inside my office.

“What!” I said, shocked. “What is the client’s business about?”

“Sir, our client is a woman. She said tat it is urgent and important but she did not mention what her business is all about.”

As I entered my office, the unusual feeling started to move me. I don’t know why but every cell of mine reacts as if it would burst out. Butterflies started to
move in my stomach. Then I saw, the client, her.

My client sits very still on a chair. When she heard the sound of the door, she walked towards me and hugged me as if she would never let me go. I felt that
the longing disappeared. It is as if she never left.

“Jasper, I thought I will never see you again. I miss you so much,” she started.

“Nancy,” is the world thing that I said. I am too blank to think. All of the words that I practiced to tell her before disappeared. I just hugged her tightly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked after a few minutes.

“I just arrived yesterday and I really want to see you. The truth is, I searched for you in twitter, multiply, facebook and even myspace but, you don’t exist.
Then, when I google your name, I saw you and a little seed of hope sprouted. I
saw your company and even before I booked a flight o go here from Paris, I made an
appointment with you. That is why I am here.”

“No! I mean, why are you here? What are you doing here in Washington you’re living in Paris?”
I asked confusedly.

“Ah! I will stay here for a while to settle some accounts. Yeah, I’m living there for a decade. I left a note for you before we leave. I told Mom to give it to
you, remember?”

I don’t know what to say and without even thinking, “Would you like to have some coffee?” uttered on my mouth.

A humorous grin flashed on her mouth then she said, “Let’s go before my feet started to be glued here.”

As I am talking to her, I realized that she still looks like the girl I loved before ─ her long curly black hair, her chestnut eyes, her fair but most of the
times pale skin and her warm and humorous personality did not change at all.

We went to a nearby coffee shop. She asked me many things. She asked me about my Mom and Dad and I told her the car accident and Dad’s retirement to take care
of Mom. She also asked me about the girls I dated and I told her that I have
some but no one became special.

From that day, we often see each other. One day, my secretary approached me.

“Mr. Randall, your girlfriend left a note for you.”

“Do we really looks like a real lovers?” I asked without even thinking.

Then Maggie smiled. “Aren’t you together?”

“Not yet but I know we will be together,” I replied then went to my office to read her note.


I’m sorry. I can’t eat with you today. One of the most important person in my life will come. I’ll promise you’ll meet him tomorrow.


She did not show up again for our lunch date the next day. I am beginning to be nervous when my phone rang.

“Hello?” she asked. “Jazz! This is Nancy.”


“May I invite you for a dinner tonight?”

Maybe here Dad came. I haven’t seen him for long time. “Sure!” I replied. “Where would I pick you up?”

“No! I’ll just meet you at our usual dinner place,” she said.

Of course, her dad is with her. “Ok! So I guess, I’ll just see you later then.”

“Bye! See you there!”

“See yah!” Then she hung up.

II. A Stored Proposal

I KNOW THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME. I CAN ASK HER DAD FOR A blessing. I bought a dozen of dark red tulips then went home to prepare. This is the first time I felt so nervous. I don’t know how I will
tell her what I feel about her. I don’t know if she will accept me. I wish that
she would.

I went early at our usual dinner place. I am still nervous then she texted me. Jazz, I’ll be a bit late. Sorry.

It’s good. I will have more time to prepare myself. Minutes passed by and I am getting more nervous. Then an old friend mine from Julliard approached me. He asked me if I
can play for his girlfriend.

As I am finishing playing, Nancy came. She’s not with her Dad. She is with a tall and good looking guy. He is
probably four or six years older than us. Maybe, it’s Daniel, his cousin whom I
haven’t seen for more that fifteen years. But. But there is something special
on how he looks at her.

“Jazz!” she said as she approached me.

“Hey!” I replied.

“Henry, this is Jasper, Jasper Randall, my best friend. Jazz, this is Henry, Henry Alistair, my fiancé,” she said.

My fiancé. My fiancé. These words keep on repeating in my mind. I don’t know what to say. The woman I’ve waited for a decade is now engaged. She is already in another man’s arms. It is as if I’m
going to die. Because the my dream wont happen.

Minutes passed by but I cant still speak. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do. I know that if I speak, I’m gonna burst out and cry. I want her to be happy but
not with another man. I know I am being selfish but how can I let go the person
I’ve waited for more than a decade?

I did not notice that Henry held out his hand for us to shake hands. I just came back on myself when Nancy
tapped my shoulders and said. “Jazz? Are you ok? You look like you saw a

“I’m just shocked. What? How? Where? Why? Tell me how all these things happen without me knowing it. You’re her for more than two months but you never mentioned anything,’ I
said with a husky voice.

“I’m sorry but I thought I already told you. I thought you already know. I thought you got the meaning of the ring on my finger,” she said as she showed me her ring.

“Well, I guess, I wish the two of you the best. I really don’t know what to say.”

I love this woman so much. Maybe, that is the reason why I said those words. I want her to be happy but I will make sure that he deserves her. I love her but can I really
bear to see her in another man’s arms?

III. The Gift

“You can play very well,” he said as he led us on our table.

“Thanks!’ I replied.

“Henry, don’t you know that Jazz is the best pianist in the world? He can play very well even before he had a formal training,” Nancy
explained happily.

We ate in silence.

“Jazz, can I ask you one thing?” she said as we are eating.

“Sure, sure! What is it?”

“Can you be my best man?”

Holy crap! I’m right. But how can I refuse her? How can’t I give her the only thing she is asking from me?

“As long as it’s ok with Henry,” I replied sarcastically.

“Of course! If you are what she wants, how can I refuse her,’ he answered immediately.

I hate him. It seems that he loathes me the same degree as I loath him. If it is bitterness? Let it be. I don’t trust him. How can I trust the man who stole the woman I
love? But the way she looks on him punched a hole in my chest.

“Jazz?” she said.


“Can I ask you another favor?”

Is this an assassination? How can this woman hurt me this much? I know I will regret it but I said once again, “Sure, sure.”

“We will get married two months from now,” she started. “Jazz, I know this is too much to ask but I will take this chance. Can you sing and compose a song for me? Can
you do it? Can you sing it while I’m walking in the aisle?”

“But Nancy, I stopped composing and playing professionally.”

“Honey, I think, it is really too much to ask him that,” he interrupted looking too disgusted.

I want to laugh but I bit my lower lip to hide a grin. I saw how happy she would be but I also saw my6 sadness while doing it. How ironic life is?

In the end, I agreed to do it. I don’t know if I can. I don’t know how will I do the gift that a woman I love would want which will hurt me forever. But if it is for
her, how can I refuse? How can’t I do the only thing she wants from me?

to be continued....

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