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just finished the series, and i love it, hovever, i am HIGHLY disapointed in me movie series. The first one was ok but the second one was an insult to such a beautifully writen novel. The acting completely lacked even a percent of the great emotion and passion captured in the book. Bella, a matr (as acessed by Jake in the last book), showes no care for her self but in the others around her and in thus proven in the book quit blatently. However in the movie i had felt that there was a lack of connection between her and edward, and the sefishness she seemed to display was quite obvious and out of place. I doubt the actors of this movie has even read a word of this great series in which they are supposed to bring to life. In addition to missing the most vital of what makes this book so great, is the lack of a flow thoughout the movie, it seemed to simply jump to each important part in the story. They failed to understand that almost every part is vital, who cares if it's a little longer, look at lord of the rings,it was HELLA long and IT WAS A HUGE SUCESS!!! and i would bet twilight woud be the same, if filmed properly.
Anyway, when i went to see it the first time, i left half way threw, i couldn't stand seeing the slaughter of such moving literature. After i decided it wasn't fair to judge it before even seeing the end, i forced myself though the whole thing. My feelings remain the same, if not stronger. Thanks for reading, i hope you can look past the popularity, and see the truth as i do...

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