The Twilight Saga

Surving The World Of Sorrow...

In the world of sorrow, darkness doesn't stall. The many scary memories of how you lost them all.
Joy will never reign, for all you feel is pain, collecting in the shadows of your misery.

A lover, the loss, what a tragic ending, for the vows you whispered on wedding day, you were not pretending.
Though the love was strong, a chance of lasting long, was what had needed mending.

You've entered The World Of Sorrow.

The transformation is brutal indeed, for emptying your happiness is what will succeed. The swarming clouds of suicide are not put put cease, Killing yourself to be with him is the most infectious disease.

Like falling autumn leaves, sorrow brings of grief, with insanity to follow.
And the black hole in your heart, grows larger with every tear, look into your future, suicide is near.

Wrists are scarred and razor kissed as ruby liquid flows, sorrow makes these brutal commands, but thats just how it goes.
For sorrows only weakness is happiness and light, but sinse you dug this grave my dear, why resist the plight?

You can't take this any more, the hatred seems so real, looking at his glass framed face, your heart just seems to peel.
So with this silver dagger, shaking in your hands, you drive it stricktly through your chest so all of this.... Will.... End.......

*Another victom of sorrow's fight agaisnt suicide, devouring the lives of many who have loved and lost...*

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