The Twilight Saga

Tears flow and flow from my eyes,

Flows like the Humber river through wounds and lies,

All the begs and swoons I threw at you,

Threw at you not to rip my heart to peaces,

Yet I still crashed and fell,

Then he came,

He came to catch me befor I cracked my skull on the ground,

He finally came to save me,

Save the dameselle in destress,

He has been there the whole time,

I was just to blind to see him,

The blood suddenly disappeared at a single touch,

The tears evaporated at a single gaze,

Do my eyes deceive me,

Or does he love me,

Love my depression,

Love my anxiety problems/disorder,

Really truly love me,

Love me down to the bone,

His heart was made for me,

My heart was made for him,


Thank you,


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