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I had just.. well not just read Breakign Dawn. And I LOVED IT it was my favourite one well i would be lying I loved both Breaking Dawn and Eclipse. It is soooo hard to figure out what one is my all time favourite. Just like every Twihard fan it is hard to pick what book is their favourite.


Now i loved the whole thing, well the only part i was not such a big fan was when Bella went into labour and when Bella wsa giving birth to Renesmee. That part was a little gorry for my taste, im not a big fan of gorry things. But I still loved it.


I can't wait to see the whole book come to live as Bella and Edaward take on the most dangerous event ever. Having the baby going through a dangerous pregnancy, and Becoming a vampire.


But I can't wait to see Renesmee come to life and see Jacob be joined at the hip with Renesmee, that will be intersting and yet at the same time weird, not seeing Jacob being joined to the hip with Bella and being protective of her. But at the same time Bella doesn't need protection from anybobdy, because she is a newborn.


I loved in the second book whenever the wolves would talk when they where wolves. Stephanie Myers put what they where in italics, It made it easier to understand what was said, and if it was said by a wolf. Like if Jacob talking to Seth, or If Edawrd was reading the mind of Jacob. 


But I can't wait to see Kristen Stewert play a vampire with a the white makeup and the contact lenses.

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