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I believe, New Moon, was fanatastic. I actually saw a guy on Twilight Spotlight Weekly that said it was more comedy relief than anything else and terrible acting. I'm like: What planet did you come from? It was amazing and far as movie goes, it's as close to the book as we're going to get. And on that same Twilight Spotlight, the screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, said that the scene with Jacob, Bella, and Edward - when they are in the tent where Jacob is trying to keep Bella warm - is going to be intense. I can't wait for that scene, it's one of my favorites. Plus, Bella cuddling against Jacob(Taylor Lautner)'s body... is growing to drive me wild.

Sorry, Taylor, but I do think you're hot but don't worry, I'm not going to raid your house or anything like those screaming-crazy fans out there, lol. As far as I would go, I would ask a picture with you and a hug. Great acting, Taylor, I'm glad that you kept the role of Jacob - and that you worked for it - because I can't see anyone playing Jacob as well as you. Well done.

And there were crazy fans rocking the car that Kristen Stewart was sitting in. She said that on Twilight Spotlight Weekly and I was like: That's crazy. It happened in Italy when they were filming the Volturi scenes.

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Comment by Michael on December 9, 2009 at 5:26am
I think the problem with critics is that they have not read the books to get a better foundation for the story.

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