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MY Review on New Moon(Movie)(NO The whole series)

So the movie atlast released in India...after sunch a long time..
well the movie was'nt as good as the book was...all the cute cuddling parts were not in it..
it was like Bella without Edward..hehehe...but what i think is that the whole movie was running like anything everything was happening so fast that one could never have imagined...but the best part was seeing jacob shirtless..heehheh
man his body is so hot!!! Seeing Edward shirtless was also a treat...but bella was i just wanted to puch her in her face...she's so bad..i mean what she was doin to edward n jacob was really bad...if i would have been the writter i would have written something like in the end edward left bella nd then bella goes to jacob nd he says.."SRY M NT INTO YOU" would have been a really funny seen...but since she wanted to give a happy ending to the book she wrote that they lived happily ever after!!!!!

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