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Hey guys I made my own secret story. Really, you dont need to read it if you dont have to its called "Love at first light." I dont like making titles so i just put this one randomly.I hope you like it but if you dont, its okay. To me, its no big deal. So i made a preface, just to show you if you like it or not. Here it is.

I am Isabella swan and I am 17 years old. I prefer Bella because everyone in my school calls me that. I am brunette and have pale-blue eyes. I drive and own a red Chevy truck .I have a sister name Rosalie and she has blonde curly hair. She is 18 years old and her birthday was 2 weeks ago. She does not know how to drive like me. She is sweet and sometimes flirty. We both have pale skin and she is more like a best friend to me. And there’s my dad. His name is Charlie. His job is a police officer and they call him Chief Swan. I also have a mom, Renee, but she and my dad divorced when Rose and I were born. Me and Rose used to live with her in a city called Jacksonville, but since our step dad, Phil, travels a lot, me and Rose decided to stay and live with Charlie in a small town name Forks. Me and Rose didn’t really like mom a lot because she didn’t like our friends, Mike, Angela, Tyler, Ben and Eric. Mike Is a nice friend. He is dating Jessica Stanley ever since we came to Forks high school. Jessica is a nice friend too, at least used to be because she crossed over to the dark side with Lauren. She never liked me or Rose. Anyways, Jessica used to like me but the thing is that she knows Mike really keeps his attention on me than on her. And then there’s Angela. She is a cool friend. She is the one me and Rose’s best friend. We both trust her on anything. She is also dating Ben. I really don’t talk to Ben that much because since Angela is with him all the time and Eric too so that’s why I don’t know much about him. Eric is Cool. But sometimes he acts like he’s all that. He was actually my first friend because he introduced me to other people. I met him in science. Anyways, Tomorrow is our high school graduation and when we go to college, Me and Rose are going with are friends to France. We got a scholarship. Me and Rose asked Charlie if we can go to France alone, like without a parent. It was surprising because we didn’t know he would say yes. We thought he would get mad. But he said he wants to trust us being alone, I mean me and Rose have each other. We were happy he decided to take our responsibilities seriously. But what Rose didn’t like is that Charlie would visit us like every holiday because if she had a boyfriend, she didn’t want to tell him and she was embarrassed to have a parent with us but I could deal with it.
I hope you liked it :) I posted it because I was bored. I wanted to post my story a long time ago but.. I shy to post it to the whole- I mean my friends. I get embarresed to so yea. Sorry no edward at first but when they go to france there will be dont worry

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Comment by RobstenLovex♥ on August 24, 2009 at 12:53am
My story takes a long time to make them fall in love D:
Comment by Renesmee Cullen on August 24, 2009 at 12:29am
i like it it awsome
Comment by kayla garcia on July 30, 2009 at 1:37pm
i like it it is really cool

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