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gangly build (im doing an awful lot of swimming)
-15yrs old
-hasnt had a growth spurt
-spiked hair
-looks like jacob black? some ppl disagree
-im native american
-runt of the werewolf pack
-child like sincerity
-i honestly dont think he's 'very' gentle like a lot of ppl stress, sometimes ppl make him seem really 'nice' but he's not. he's sincere about justice. if he has to put his foot down and fight he will..if it means having to fight with the cullens to keep the ppl of la push and forks alive than so be it. lives are far more important than a dividing truce. jacob and seth's sincerity are mirror images of each other. younger jacob is the kinda guy that doesnt like fighting at all and will do all things to avoid it, but if it's called for he definitely wont resist raising a fist. u kant help but smile when u see seth because his face just glows. seth receives his character from the impact and price he had to pay with his indefinite change that brought upon the loss of his father.remember he's kinda been plagued by the old truce. the change came because the werewolves were enemies of the murderous vampires. it means plenty to him to be friends with cullens because he wants to know a price like that never has to be payed again. and putting their war to rest would bring tons of peace to his heart. he's friends with the cullens because the truce between them is really old and the cullens are completely innocent and really are good people. all in all seth understands deeply how much the cullens share the same morale of protecting the lives of the people forks and their loved ones.

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