The Twilight Saga

People ask me why I'm so distant and yet I'm so darn close
People say I'm darkhearted but I'm just misunderstood
Cuz I'm a wolf I'm a eagle I go where i go and I do what I want to
I'mma wolf I'm in the shadow you never see me coming but I'm always right there
I'mma lion I'm queen of the jungle I rule from there to there and ya never here it twice
I'mma tiger I'm in your nightmares I'm always there to scare you straight
I'mma a eagle I'm free as can be I'm always in the sky rather you see me or not
Cuz I'mma wolf I'mma eagle I'mma lion I'mma tiger I can see youuuuuuuu

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Comment by ஐ☠♠☠Venus☠♠☠ஐ Pyra on January 31, 2011 at 12:35am

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