The Twilight Saga

One day this girl named Amber Howell. She was out on vacation with her family. And one morning her mother got up and their was blood all over the bed. Her mother yelled and Amber wake up and said why are yelling? She said it is coming from your neck.Then I yelled and she went into the bathroom and there was blood running down her neck. And so her mother helped her to stop the blooding from running down her neck. So her father and bother ran cross the street to get bandges and get medicies. And then they came back they put meds on it. So then it stared to hart very badly. So they took her the doctor and they look at it and they said let us take sample of it and see what it is. So they took and sample and took it the lab. The family waiting till lab results came back. So then one hour later and the doctor came back and it  was vampire blood. The her parents and little brother yelled and the doctor said do not yell. So the doctor said are you hungry? She said,” Yes I am.” So he said I will be right back. Do then 30 mintues later. He was back with a cup and he gave it to her and she drink it. And parents ask what is it? He said ,” it is BLOOD. So then her parents and her little brother yelled again. And she kept drink it and then then she was done. The doctor said open your mouth she open it her and he saw vampire teeth. Then he yelled and he said this is the first time I had a vampire in my office so he gave them three cups and it was cups of blood and he said keep these cold and when she is about to drink one of your blood give her this and she will come back. So then it was time to go back home and before they went home they had to go by the doctor office to tell them what happen so they can get more BLOOD. So then they had contied there life with her a vampire. Then she went back to school she lost all her friends then a boy came to school from London, England and they have been dating for 4 years. Adn they are going to the sam college so they can see more of each other. Then one day they went out on a date and he ask her married him? And she yes I will marry you. They have have been married for 4 years.


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Comment by tammy burdick on February 23, 2012 at 7:00pm

hahahaha thats a good one

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