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Okay so um, I have been very busy tying my story. Snd I need some advice. I need to choose between two of the storylines. Should the story be about a girl whose parents died and she now lives with her aunt and uncle, and this is her first time back to school in a year, and she has lost all her friends, she barely talks, and her whole life changes when she meets Caleb. He is from another planet and since the day he was born he was bonded to Sawyer and it has ever since been his duty to keep her alive and well, and with this on her eighteenth birthday will have eternal life and become apart of his world and will be bonded with the family. Well, Caleb has a twin brother, an evil twin brother who too is bonded to Sawyer. This has never happened. This causes a friction between the two brothers. They both want her. Sawyer though, only wants Caleb not Cade. And with this it creates a war between the two brothers.... IDk, i need a little advice. But basically thats the gist of it... If there are any other ideas or ways I should go about this, can some help me? Is there another storyline anyone can come up with?

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Comment by Yogesh Gamer on April 28, 2012 at 10:23am


I dont know

Yogesh Gamer

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