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Well as I wrote I'm writing something about vampires.
But it's kinda long.
So here is just a part of it...

Selena is 19 years-old girl. From her birth she is having weird dreams. She's dreaming about beautiful white people who take her to Italy, where she will become one of them. And then she read Saga Twilight and find out that those beautiful people from her dreams are vampires, probably Volturi and her dreams are some sort of visions. One night those two vampires from her dreams come to her and really take her to Italy, to Volturi.

Aro is excited about her, because she can manipulate people and has some sort of visions in her dreams. But she decide that she will left Volturi and will go to Cullen family, 'cause she had a vision of them asking her for help in a 'war' with Volturi. But there's a problame. In the mid time she has fallen in love with Alec. But she's lucky, 'cause he decide he'll go with her too. Aro, Caius and Jane are ofcourse mad with them, but let them go.

At the end Volturi come to Cullen family and try to kill them, again. Renesme wants to help her family, so she decide she'll go into a battle with them. Bella almost lost her mind and she tries to change daughter's mind. Will Bella succeeded or will Renesme do what she thinks she should? Would Cullen family accept Selena and Alec?

Who will win, Volturi or Cullen family?

I hope you liked it.

Sorry for all grammatical errors. :)

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Comment by jojo meinne on January 13, 2011 at 8:33am
omg.....i have almost the same story but the girl in my story doesn't fall in love with anyone of the volturi guard and she doesn't have any weird dreams though...... but she has the similar power she can manipulate people and vamps but she has a more tragic and dreaded life.....or past,i mean

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