The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

"Racheal, wake up" my mom said when she opend my bed room door.

"im tired' i said which probbly didnt sound right since my face was in my pillow.

"To bad, todays your first day of HIGH SCHOOL!" She sounded so excitied like today was her first day of high school. Personally, I didnt want to start high school and become a freshman (fish). But like everybodys life there has to be a day thats not there favorite. You may ask yourself *whats wrong with going to high school?*. Well let me tell you the high school im going to is not for normal teenagers, this high school is like ten times worse than starting your day at regular high school. This high school is for kids who are special and, by special i dont mean kids who are smart i mean kids that have powers. Some of you may be asking * what kind of powers?*. Well for starters I can control nature,read minds, change into any human form, and........ *drum roll in the background* make a mean tuna sandwhich. But for real i do have those powers even the power to make a tuna sandwhich.

I got up from my bed went to my door and waited till my mom left then closed the door. I walked to my restroom, took a shower and changed into my most comfortable clothes which is black t-shirt,my fav jeans and black converse. I pulled my hair into a pony tail,grabbed my backpack, jackect and went downstairs to the kitchen. When i walked in the smell of coffe hit me like a ton of breaks. Without coffe I was a reck. I went to the cabinet grabbed a mug and poured myself some. When I sat down at the table I took a sip and it made me feel all warm.

"Ready, for your first day honey?" My dad asked as he poured himself some coffe.

"Oh ya im excitied" I said sacasstically. He didnt like when i did that so he ignored this and said "Well have good day honey."he kissed my forhead and left. Typical.I went up stairs to look for my mom.

"Mom hurry im gonna be late"I said while I was banging on the restroom door. She came out in a pant suit. She looked beautiful compared to me. Her long brown hair was flowing down her back. She had very little make up on.

"Alright lets go." She walked down the stairs with me right behind here. She grabbed her briefcase, car keys then, headed out the door. I followed and closed the door. It was cool out side. November. My favorite month.

Hey should i keep writing or just stop!! Please tell me what ya think!!!!!!

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