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I am writing a story about Jacob,Nessie,The Cullens,The Werewolves e.t.c And This is the first chapter.Its supposed to be after-math of Breaking Dawn and I've writen it from Jacob's point of view to make it different from the author.Tell me what you think! If I get good reviews I'll put on a second chapter later :)

CHAPTER 1 Nessie : I sat on the Cullen’s couch holding the little red-headed infant in my arms.She was wrapped up in a pink blanket and small little dress with a diaper under that.I was always amazed that she never seemed bothered by the warmth.I was one-hundred and eight degrees as it is,but again She never seems to notice.She was asleep.A little pink bow in her curly red hair.I smiled at her,but I was quickly distracted by Bella.
She walked in the door and walked over to us.She sat down and stared at the baby.“She sleeps so much..” She whispered.
I chuckled.“Isn’t that a normal thing?” I whispered back and looked at her golden eyes,pale skin and dark hair.She tends to look some-what frightening and she’s going to pick with Nessie’s sleeping? Amazing.
Bella snickered.“Ya I guess normal should be a good thing considering she’s surounded by Werewolves and Vampires.” She laughed.
Renesme’s eyes opened and looked at me sleepily.“Hi Nessie” I whispered to her.She smiled.Rosalie came down the stairs.She saw Renesme was awake and her face lit up.She quickly disapeared into the kitchen.Renesme snuggled up to me closer and grabbed ahold of my hand.She bit it.“Ouch!” She just giggled.“Rosalie!” I yelled.
Rosalie came around the corner quickly with a plastic baby bottle full of red liquid.I growled under my breath.Rosalie glared at me.“Hey! You know what’ll happen otherwise – and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be her chew toy!” Rosalie complained.I rolled my eyes and took the bottle.I handed it to Renesme.She held it herself.I looked at my hand.Yep.I did know very well what would happen if she didn’t get her food.I chuckled staring at the pink scars on my arms.It didn’t bother me.For one it healed almost immedeatly for me – but It was entertaining to watch Rosalie.She went histerical.
Rosalie came and sat down on my right and Bella was on my left.Rosalie twisted her finger around a string of Renesme’s hair.She let go of it and it bounced back into a curl.“Renesme your so cute!” Rosalie said in a baby talk voice. Renesme ignored her She had her eyes crossed staring at the bottle as she sucked it.
I laughed.“Rosalie.I think her appetite is more important to her than you are.” I grinned watching Renesme.Rosalie rolled her eyes and sighed.Renesme finished her bottle and threw it.It landed on the floor across the room.Rosalie blinked in shock.She jumped to her feet and ran over to it.It was spotless inside.I laughed.Renesme giggled.
Alice came sprinting down the stairs.She looked over.Her eyes widened when she saw us.“My niece!” She chimed.She ran over and picked her up out of my lap.She span Renesme around then sat her back on my lap.Renesme giggled.Alice smiled and walked over to the door.She disapeared outside with a final wave to Renesme.Renesme held her hand up and clamped it open and shut – Her way of waving.
I grinned and stood up.“I think I’m gonna take her for a ride – on my back..” I said and looked at Bella.
Bella shook her head.“No Jacob,not now please?” I looked at her confused.
Without thinking twice I whimpered like a dog.Renesme stared at me sadly.She started to cry.“Aww Nessie don’t cry! whats wrong?” I asked.She sniffed and rubbed her eye.She put her little hand on my cheek and I immedeatly heard her. ‘Mommy made the puppy cry!’ She burried her face in my black t-shirt before I could react.I smiled and looked down at Bella.“Bella! Look what you did!” I grinned bigger and layed my cheek on the top of her head.Bella looked confused.
“What did I do? What did she say?” I patted Renesme’s back.
“Mommy made the puppy cry..” I fake pouted.Bella laughed and stood up.She tryed to peek at Renesme.
“I’m sorry Nessie!He’s okay,see?” Renesme pushed away from my shoulder to look at me.She smiled and rubbed her eye when she saw I was happy.“I won’t do it again I promise!” Bella grinned and patted Renesme’s head.I looked at Bella.
“But why can’t we go for a walk?” I asked.Bella sighed.
“Well.I can’t go with you guys at this momment and you know Edward likes to have someone with you when your out of the house..”She trailed off.My eyes narrowed.Renesme layed her head on my shoulder again and put her thumb in her mouth.Bella saw my face and went on.“And Its not that he doesn’t trust you but he’s scared of what is out in thoughs woods..” She trailed off again.
“He doesn’t trust ME.” I said.Renesme didn’t understand a word of what we were saying so she just stayed out of it.Which was fine with me I don’t want it to upset her.I layed my cheek on her head again.She fell asleep on my shoulder I smiled but didn’t move my head.Bella sighed knowing I was partly right.
“Also.I think she’s to tired right now.” She grinned staring at Nessie’s face.I couldn’t see her face but I smiled."
Ya…" I sat back down on the couch and started to fall asleep myself with my face on her hair….
The last thing I remember was faintly hearing Rosalie say “Aww..”Then something else but I was already asleep.I woke up to the same thing – Renesme was asleep with her head on my shoulder only Rosalie and Bella were no longer there.We were still on the Cullen’s couch.I put my hand on Renesme’s back so she wouldn’t fall forward,and stood up.Renesme stiffened and moaned alittle gently but quickly relaxed again without waking up.I walked over to the window and looked out.Bella was standing in the middle of the yard with her arms crossed acrossed her chest.Alice was standing at and angle in front of her.Alice had her fingers linked together behing her back.and Edward was standing next to Bella.He stood there like a statue.Both Bella and Edward were both looking at Alice.I stared out the window confused.
I walked over to the door and went outside.I went over next to them.Alice grinned big when she saw Renesme in my arms.I quickly shushed her before she could take her from me thinking she was awake.I looked at Bella.“Whats up?” I said in a gentle voice not to wake up Nessie.Bella smiled.
“Nothing.I was just practicing.” She replied.Alice turned her head and smiled at Renesme’s sleeping face.I patted Renesme’s back gently.I continued to look at Bella.
“Your shield?” I asked raising my voice alittle higher than the first time.She nodded.I sighed.Edward continued to stand there motionless.I rolled my eyes.Bella moaned.
“Please play nice! Especialy with Renesme – She worrys about us.” I grinned remembering her get so upset when I whimpered.Edward smiled at Bella.
“I will.” Edward said in a promising tone.I sighed.Renesme fussed once.I patted her back lightly again and she stopped.
“She’s awake.” Alice’s chiming voice broke the silence again.I blinked and looked at Alice.
“She’s awake?” Renesme giggled.I grinned.Seth Clearwater came out from the woods.I grinned and whispered in Renesme’s ear.“Wanna see Seth?” She immedeatly pulled herself up to look at me.I pointed at Seth and her face lit up.Seth had been Bella’s reporter on Renesme between the time she couldn’t see Renesme in fear of a Newborn vampire.So Renesme had become close with Seth.I sat Renesme down on the ground.She just sat there.
Seth grinned at her.He walked over and crouched down in front of her.He picked one of the purple flowers next to her and stuck it in her hair.She giggled and patted his head.He laughed.“I’m guessing thats a thank you” He stood back up and looked at me “Hey Jacob.”Renesme stood up and tugged on my shirt.I picked her up again.She layed her head on my right shoulder again but this time pointed herself toward Seth so she could listen to him.
“Hey Seth.”Seth leaned over to get closer to Renesme.
“Sleepy little girl?” He asked her.She nodded.
“Hello Seth.” Edward said and smiled.Edward and Seth had also become close – after killing Victoria and a few of her evil minions.Seth grinned and shook his hand.This was a weird sight.A 110 year old,bronze haired vampire in a suit shaking hands with a 18 year old werewolf in jeans and a t-shirt.Wow.When did this happen? I grinned at my private joke,but no one seemed to notice.
“Hey Edward” Seth said and let go of his hand.He dug his hands deep down in his pockets like he was almost trying to wipe off the smell.Bella laughed watching him.He looked at her confused.“What’s so funny?” He grinned though not finding anything humoress going on.
Bella shook her head.“Nothing.” She said but she continued to stare at his hands in his pockets.I don’t think she wanted to tell him in front of Edward in case it would hurt his feelings.Seth followed her gaze down to his pockets – which made him even more confused.He shrugged and turned back around.I was grinning.He moaned in frustration.
“Jeez what is so funny about me!?” He insisted.
“Tell ya later.” I finally said to end it before Edward stared asking questions.Seth sighed but stopped talking.
“Your so cute!” He said and twisted a strang of Renesme’s hair,and just like when Rosalie did it – it bounced back into a little curl.She giggled.Alice jumped up and down twice.
“Yep! I have the cutest niece in the whole wide world!” She grinned.Seth smiled but other than that ignored the bouncey Alice.I glanced at her and laughed.Seth looked at me.
“Wanna come with me to La Push,We can bring Nessie.” Renesme grinned.I nodded and glanced at Bella but she smiled and nodded.Edward aproved of Seth.Huh.Weird.Seth started walking toward the woods.I put Renesme on my shoulders and followed him.When we got into the safe shadows of the trees Seth transformed.
I laughed.“Cheater” I grinned.He took off.I started running but I didn’t transform.Renesme giggled and held on to my hair.She wasn’t scared.She was enjoying it! Edward just over-reacts.I could run to where I was right on Seth’s heels but I was careful with Renesme.Seth suddenly hit the sand of first beach and stopped running.He transformed back and huffed for air.I laughed.“You okay?” I sat Renesme down on the hot sand.She didn’t care she just sat there looking up at us.Seth nodded.He sighed when he had regained all his breath.

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Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on August 4, 2010 at 5:38pm
Well she's a
Comment by madeline chase flores on August 4, 2010 at 4:00pm
i think you should take out the part about the diaper and the bow among other things. it kinda makes it corny. but i like it otherwise. :)
Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on August 4, 2010 at 10:49am
Huh? How would I make it in spanish? O.o Sorry,I can only do them like this.
Comment by Catalina Ordoñez on August 4, 2010 at 10:32am
I like it! next time sent me in Spanish please!
Comment by Aram Ounces on August 3, 2010 at 10:50pm
ok :)
Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on August 3, 2010 at 10:37pm
Hmm.. I like it :)) I'll think about it :))
Comment by Aram Ounces on August 3, 2010 at 10:25pm
Then you could call it Summer Solstice. That is just an idea you do not have to use it though
Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on August 3, 2010 at 10:19pm
It's in the summer but please only name suggestions
Comment by Aram Ounces on August 3, 2010 at 10:11pm
When does the book take place in the year. Like the Spring summer or fall winter or all year, because i have an idea but it depends on when it takes place
Comment by Bailey Cullen Black on August 3, 2010 at 9:12pm
Yes I am,Wow! Thanks!! I really want to - Hmm.I don't really know... I have thought about that and can't come up with anything.Whenever I try to get something along the lines of "Twilight","New Moon","Eclipse" or "Breaking Dawn" I find it sounds stupid lol.So.Still thinking.If you have a suggestion feel free to give me one lol.

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