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My Switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob.

...I really don't know where to start. All I can say is that the sudden change of heart came unexpected. I saw the passion in Jacob's eyes for Bella, I felt it, I breathed it. The only time Edward was ever in pain, was for his own selfish guilt trips. Jacob's pain was strictly for the need to have Bella in his life. Edward needed Bella to live but he didn't need her. Edward told Jacob countless of times that Bella could make her choice between them and he would simply walk away. Jacob on the other hand, it was not so easy for him. Even when Bella told him that her choice was Edward, he did not give up. He cared for her happiness but he knew that she would be happier with him and he gave her options to choose from. Edward is perfect, too perfect for his own good. He is rich, beautiful and has the power to give Bella whatever she wants. The only catch about it though, is the fact that, Bella has to turn immortal, stay away from her family and become something unimaginable to enjoy the things Edward has to offer. I can see why this very realization hurts Jacob to the point of breaking, and running away from everyone. Jacob is Bella's true love and Edward and his existence would be the typical dream all wrapped up in one, from her drifted thoughts about escaping the hardships of life. It's clear that Bella wishes to live in a fairy tale rather than reality. So she chooses death. I choose Jacob. He's beautiful inside and out, Edward may save Bella from danger, but Jacob knows how to save Bella from herself. Her decisions about Edward are irrational, rushed, and infatuated, which are all red flags, when choosing a mate. Edward can make her smile but cannot keep her satisfied. Bella will always have a hidden hunger for Jacob. Jacob's touch, warmth, voice, and presence. Even as a vampire, Bella cannot resist wanting to know her true love's, Jacob, every move.

Team Jacob! ♥

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