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Team Jacob or Team Edward seem to be the most asked question on here.

Girls are feuding over teams in blogs everyday. I get standing up for your side & all... but when you're arguing over who's hotter? Now, I think that's slightly pathetic. Why are you thinking on only the physical aspect? Sure, in the movie, I personally think Rob is hotter, but in the book, Jake has this thing about him. He's sweet, funny, random & adventurous. I'm not on team Jacob, but I do understand where they are coming from. I wish most of the girls would pick their team for good reasons, not because (fill in the blank) is "so hot!".
I'm on team Edward because I think he's better for Bella. He's obviously more mature & he cares for her more than Jake ever could. She is his number 1 priority. Before Jake imprints, the wolf pack is his number 1 priority.

All I'm saying is let's get it together here. We know the guys are hot. Stop arguing over who's hotter, for Heaven's sake!

I don't care how many hate replies I get. It needed to be said. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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