The Twilight Saga

My version of the life after Breaking Dawn: Renesmee Style - Part 1

I looked at him. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, a deep brown so dark the iris looked black. His rosette skin looked even darker against mine and his smile looked brighter and happier with my superb vision. He leaned closer to me, we were sitting on the ground, a few miles from his house. I could smell his wood-y scent and feel his heat on my skin, even though we were close to the same temperature. He moved even closer to me, so close. And then right before our lips met I heard a single voice.
Sam. I sighed. Jacob looked at me apologetically and I smiled at his slightly nervous expression.
"Go. It's okay. We have tonight, right?" I was slightly disappointed. We had not seen each other in a while. To many things happening at once.
Jacob kissed me on the tip of my nose and laughed, "Yes. We have tonight.....What was the plan for tonight anyway?"
"We are going to go hunting. I need it and I know you want to."
"Right. See you tonight." He kissed me on the mouth this time and then with a slightly excited expression he went into the trees to phase.
I sighed and laid back down on the squashy forest floor. I heard a soft breeze and then my mother was there.
"Renesmee Cullen, what in the world are you doing out here?"
Bella Cullen had not changed in the eleven years that had aged me. Waist length hair and amber eyes, a models body. My mother was the most beautiful person in the world, except maybe Aunt Rosalie and Jacob.
"I was with Jacob but you know......patrolling the perimeter. Keeps us safe but I can't say I like it much."
"I know how that goes, hon," she laid down next tome and held my hand. "I worry about your father out there.....taking on who noes what."
I rolled over onto my side and my chocolate brown eyes stared into her amber ones.
"Does it ever get easier?"
"No. But you learn to except it and are grateful for the fact that they would do this much for the person they love."
I stood up and pulled up Bella with the hand she was holding.
"Let's go running," I said excitedly, already pulling her.
Bella closed her eyes for a moment listening hard and because I was still touching her my bizarre gift let me see that she had taken down the walls that usually kept her mind off limits to anyone but me, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. She was letting my father know where we were going.
She finished the message and turned to me with a big smile on her face.
"Let's run!"

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Comment by Victoria Love on March 17, 2010 at 1:35pm
love dia plz continue
Comment by Ashley Lim Ee Ling on February 25, 2010 at 6:46am
quite good, when r u going to start on part 2?

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