The Twilight Saga

as i stare at the celling waiting for another morning to arrive. My first day in a new town is the hardest as i'm a 20 years old vampire and havent change since i was transformed so actually im a 37 year old stuck in a 17 year old body. being a vampire has its pros and cons, first of all i get to stay young, have a perfectly shaped body made out of stone or thats what it feels like and i can run really fast. my cons are another world, drinking human blood is the worst thing imagenable, then i remembered the day i woke up from my transformation

"i finally felt the pain go away, as i stood up i felt different what had happen to me that night. i was out in the could heading home from a party in L.A i was drunk as i swayed back and forth like i had a diziy spell. the out of nowhere a shadow crossed the foot path i was on i looked behind me nobody was there then BAM all of a sudden something smashed into me it felt like a massive brick door. i had hit my head on the floor, my vision was going hazy then i felt this sharp pain in my next it felt like being dipped in hot lava and staying there until there was nothing left of me. then i heard screams like nails on a chalk board it was exstrusheating then someone lifted me up and put me in this gabarge bin .

as i finished my daydream i could believe how lucky i was when the person who saved me gave me a note and left it on my chest "Dear Bella try animal blood its better then killing a human".it was because of that note i have learnt to drink animal blood instead of human blood. so know every 4 to 7 years i move from town to town. then i go to school just try to act normal like my human years. man i missed those.

As i walked into my new school Forks high school this town was so small nobody would figure out who i am and if they did i can use my power of makeing people do whatever i want and well thats not my only poweri can read mines to ut i very rearly use that one mostly because ive got compolsion thats what hipnotizem is.then i smelt a strange scent vampires, imposible! i said to myself i seached the area nowhere to be seen so i hurried inside.

as i walk into my first class i bumped into this boy he was cute but had this hairstyle that looked like it was from the nineteen thirties." opps sorry im never looking in the right direction"he said as he gathered all of his books from the floor the he saw my face it looked like he was a dumb struck puppy i laughed im bella im new when i talked he got out of his stragly puppy like stare they do for a piece of u mind if i sit nexte to u i dont really know anyone here without words he moved his books over to his side and geustered at the seat so i took it. turned out his name is mike and he's in a couple of my classes. As we left the classroom to go to lunch one of his friends caught up with us, so mike introduced us her name was Jessica , but she seemed way to nice so i started to read her mined and she deffinitly wasn't all nice but she was in love with mike but i read his mind and he was wondering if i had a boyfriend.

When we reached the line i grabed some pizza knowing i wouldnt eat it anyway i was with humans so might as well try and act like one. mike and Jessica introduced me to everyone at the lunch table i sat in between Jess and mike making sure i dont touch them. then i smelled that vampire smell again and boy it was close i scaned the room to see if there where any then i found them sitting at the far end of the lunch room just staring at me like figuring who was i so i decide to do the human thing and ask them who they were Jessica was the one who gave me the information i was positive that they could here me speaking easy. so Jess said that there the cullen family rosilae, emmett, jasper,Alice and Edward. Edward was the one who caught my attention he just couldnt stop staring. then i decided i need to look into hes head and he was concentrating really hard the i said i wonder what he's thinking then his head shot up oh no he could mind read and really good then in his head he said gottcha and by instinct i said heard that then he said "how" and right there i thought that was enough i shut it off then he looked at me like he lost the conection. i had to get to class so i said to mike if he could show me where room 23 was and when we stated to head off, i looked back and he was gone.

hope u like chapter one if u want more just say so

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Comment by Biancaa Joyy on October 24, 2009 at 10:09pm
yer Jess MORE PLZZZ !!!!
Comment by Elif Nilsu Altin on October 23, 2009 at 11:53pm
PLEASE make more. it sounds SO good

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