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***Bella, daughter of Cheif Charlie Swan, and partner to Edward Cullen, is my favorite character. i can relate to her very much. just a simple girl tryin to fit in but at the same time, not caring about fitting in. she is clumsy, witty, smart, and just very similar 2 me. and she always has a sarcastic comeback when needed. shes just a truely caring and giving person. she luvs edward more than life itself. he is her life. they r perfect 2gether. she has learned, and so has edward, tht she can not live with out him. she enjoys just bein with him and her new family.


***Edward, "son" to Carlisle and Esme, and partner to Bella Swan, is another one of my favorite characters. he is gorgeous, polite, passionate, a gentleman, smart, witty, funny at times, and just shy of perfect. he wuz basically dead his whole life, until he met bella, now the love of his existance and she is his world. he would do anything and everything for her. he can be a little overprotective at times, but bella loves him more and more everyday. (so do i. lol)***


***Carlisle, husband to esme and "father" to edward, rose, emmett, jasper, alice, adn now bella, is a caring loving person (vamp). he is one of the best doctors known. he could work anywhere in the world, but of course they need 2 stay where the sun dont shine. lol. he definitley saves his family (mostly bella) a lot of hospital bills by treatin them himself. lol. and hes just an amazing, wise, leader to his family.***


***Esme, wife to carlise, and "mother" to edward, rose, emmett, jasper, alice and now bella, is a loving, nurturing, sweet person (vamp). all she duz is worry and care about her family. she wants everyone 2 b happy, and most of the time they are. she loves arcitecture and designing things. she even designed bella and edwards cottage. and she loves to cook, even tho she and her family dont eat, but its always good 2 hav food on standby fer any wolves who stop by. lol. ***


***Alice, partner 2 jasper, and "sister" to edward, emmett, rose, and now bella, is another one of my favorite characters. (her, edward and bella are my faves). she is spunky, sweet, smart and sassy, and a total shopaholic. she believes and outfit should not b worn more than once. crazy but true. shes short and pixie like, but tht shortness duznt make her unnoticed. everyone notices alice. she is edwards little pain in the butt, but bella's fave sister. everyone luvs alice.***


***Jasper, partner 2 alice, and "brother" to edward, emmett, rose and now bella, is shy, yet wise. he tends 2 sorta fade in the backround at the cullens home. he messes with everyones emotions, but of course he cant help it. bella is very grateful 2 him, as he really helps her when shes stressed or worried. hes very strong and noble, but duznt say much.. being the newest veggie vamp probably isnt 2 easy.***


***Rosalie, partner 2 emmett, and "sister" to edward, alice, jasper and now bella, is very stuck up, and basically a "pretty princess". shes very sassy and girly, but dont b surprised 2 see a pair of designer pants and shoes under the hood of a car, bcuz she also works on cars along wit adoring herself all day. throughtout the first 3 books, shes not 2 appealed to bella, but once breaking dawn rolls around and bella brings renesmee to the world, theyre now best friends. go figure. and u gota luv her relationship wit jake. princess and dog. lol. ***


***Emmett, partner 2 rose, and "brother" to edward, jasper, alice,and now bella, is a rough and tough comdedian. he's all about fights and bets, but enjoys a good joke always. his favorite target seems to be his newest lil sis, bella. however bella isnt 2 keen on tht. she even challenged him 2 an arm wrestling contest (when she wuz a vamp of course) in order 2 get him 2 quit those jokes. and SHE WON! lol. u can beleive how tht lowered emmetts self esteem. but hey, i would always pick him 2 b on my team, if i wuz in a fight. he'd definitley b eager 2 go. emmett just cracks me up.***


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Comment by JessicaRoseCullen-Black~♥♥♥ on August 1, 2009 at 10:54pm
thnkx Lluv~! lol.
Comment by Lluvia on August 1, 2009 at 10:44pm
i love jealous!!

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