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well this week wz interesting. on monday i got my brace off!! its sooooooo awesome!! evry1 wz asking me 2 smilie. then tuesday i had 2 stay home cuz my ear REALLLLLLY hurt!!!!!! i went 2 my dads 4 the day so that he cud take me 2 the docter. it turns out i have an ear infection. it hurts soooo much. they gave me some drops and i hav 2 put them in my twice a day. i satyed at his house 4 the rest of the day then my mom came & picked me up. on wedneday i went 2 sku. evry1 wz sufficating me cuz i wz gone 4 2 days a lot of stuff happens in 2 days. and 2day i went 2 sku again (evn tho my ear hurt) and we went 2 our normal classes but then 4 my elective i hav this PE class and we had 2 run 1/2 a mile (we do twice a week) i only hav 4 days a week of sku so i dnt hav sku 2marrow :-) but i would hav gone 2 tutoring (i tutor ppl in math) but i dnt really want 2 i just want 2 stay home &sleep. ZZZZZZ! 2marrow my sister is going 2 go 2 a friends house so i want 1 of my riends 2 come over. but my dads house is soooooo small. buti dnt think dat my dad will let. wow this is long. well my dad wnts 2 go online so gotta go!!!


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