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i dumped my bookbag on my bed and stretched out my arms. then i turned on the tv using my hand because i lost the remote control to it. the channel stayed on the news because i didn't feel like getting up again. i pulled out my laptop and did one of my favorite things to do. troll the Wicca websites.


i was laying comfortably on my belly when mom came into my room.


"hey, honey. what do you want me to cook for dinner, tonight?" she asked, being thoughtful as always.


"i don't know. what do you feel like making?" i asked. she put her hand on her chin and thought  hard.


"how does spaghetti sound?" she smiled.


"great," i said, smiling with my lips turned inward. mom nodded and closed the door.


was Lauren right? are we really ready to get down to Wiccan business? judging by all the research we've done, we should consider ourselves experts on Wicca. i know Wicca is more than just learning about it. maybe i'm a little scared to dive into the physical parts of it. i dragged my bookbag over to me from the edge of my bed. i pulled out the bag of honeycoombed candles. i unwrapped the plastic and took in a deep sniff. they smelled brilliant. old and new at the same time. i sighed with a smile. i spent the next two hours buzzing through my favorite Wicca sites and memorizing special dates and days. refreshing my memory. then i hopped up and went into the bathroom to take a shower before i eat. i turned on the shower then i looked over myself in the mirror. i sighed at the bland womangirl in the mirror as she starred at  me with a moody expression on her face. as if she was telling me to 'get lost, loser.'  my bottom lip poked out over my top lip. naturally it was bigger than my top lip. and that gave me a stuck pouty look. i always look like i'm pouting. and my eyes were normal width apart, just too big for my face. the color was like licorice. and my hair, brown like chocolate cake, was straight. i took my iron and curled my hair at the end, flipping it under and over. i just made it look worse. i put the iron down and put a cap on my head and stepped into the shower. the water was hot. i can't stand cold, or even warm showers. i have to have it hot. i got out, dried off and put on lilac pj pants and the matching jacket. i walked downstairs, wondering how mom was managing with dinner. she isn't the greatest cook on the planet and she never thinks she is.


"hey, mom," i said as i pulled a clean plate from the dish rack.


"hey, sweetie," she smiled, putting seasoned ground beef on my plate, then topped it with noodles and some parmesian grated cheese. i put my plate at the table and went into the fridge for some juice. i poured us both a glass of orange juice. we sat down at the table and ate. i curled my noodles and meat around my fork. then stuffed it in my mouth.


"so, Callie. what would you think of me if i got a boyfriend?" mom asked. i choked on my noodles as they were halfway down my throat. mom looked at me like she was thinking maybe she should call the paramedics. i cleared my throat, roughly.


"mom!" i said, too loudly. "that's.. i wouldn't mind if you started dating," i chased more noodles around my plate with my fork, awkwardly.


"you wouldn't think it would be weird or anything? because i will still be your mother and we can still talk about all kinds of things. nothing will change," she persisted.


"so does this mean you've met someone already?" i asked, then i stuffed my mouth with noodles again. "and you're just trying to get my persmission?" i talked while i chewed.


"i don't need your permission, Callie. i just want to know how you feel about it so that we can handle it appropiately," mom said, demurely. she ate some of her spaghetti.


"i have no ill feelings about it. you're still young. you can date whenever, whoever. i don't mind," i tried my best to sound like i wasn't giving any blessing.


after dinner, i helped mom clean up the mess she had made in the kitchen. she kissed me goodnight, and then i went up to bed. mom wants to get a boyfriend. for all i know, she probably already has one. and Lauren has one. i felt so left out.


when the sun rose, i did the usual. i got ready for school, taking my time at the mirror and then rushing once i realized the time was flying by faster than i thought.


"honey! come on. you don't want to be late," mom called from the bottom of the stairs. i grabbed my bookbag and powerwalked down the stairs, careful not to miss a step and trip up. the school day went by slow. today was Friday. and on Fridays, teachers try to pack in as much information as they can as if they think we won't show up on Monday or ever again. my next class was biology with Mr. Lothaire. students around me moaned and reluctantly read out loud paragraphs when told to by Mr. Lothaire. then the teacher stepped outside to yell at some kids lurking around outside the door. telling them to 'get where you're suppose to be!' Eric Sade flirted shamelessly with me before he took the seat infront of me. he had two ball piercings under his lip, placed like vampire fangs. his short, wavy dark hair and deep blue eyes had every girl in the class wishing they were me right now. i could care less about Eric Sade. he was too cocky. his emo eye make up looked better than most of the girls' in the class. Romia De'Angelo was definitely jealous. maybe he can give her a few pointers. Eli Capulet, a quiet boy with big curly brown hair and nice deep- set brown eyes, came into the classroom and took his seat at the front raw. he smiled at me without drawing attention to himself. i smiled back. Eli likes to claim he has ADD to get out of certain homework and classwork activites. it worked for a while. even though everyone thinks he is wierd, no one can deny how cute he is. Mr. Lothaire came back inside the classroom. Eric Sade got off of his desk and sat in it.


"Mr. Lothaire," Georgeena Henri raised her hand. her long blonde curls framed her face like a doll's. "Eli was tardy." she smacked her gum. she was a prep. Mr. Lothaire glared at her. he was annoyed and so was i .


"Ms. Henri, don't be a taddle tail," Mr. Lothaire sighed. some of the people in the class laughed at her. she laughed too, and didn't get embarrassed. i wish she had atleast a teeny bit. her overconfidence bugged me like a mosquito. "alright, now where were we...ah, yes." Mr. Lothaire picked someone to read. Scotty, an awkward, redhaired boy with big eyeglasses and two sets of five hazel freckles upon his cheekbones.


as Scotty Dayton was reading sluggishly, others wondered if he had a reading problem, but also as he was reading, the door flung open. everyone looked up, as a thin boy walked in, his backpack on his shoulder and a note which he handed to Mr. Lothaire. Mr. Lothaire spyed at him from the rim of his dark red eye glasses and his sleek, thick dark brown hair.


"alright, Mr... Linwood," Mr. Lothaire read from the paper. "go find a seat." but Mr. Linwood had already left Mr. Lothaire and was slowly cruising down the isle, a tiny smirk on his lips, looking for a vacant desk. "and welcome to Pennrose High School." Mr. Linwood acknowledged that by looking over his shoulder and smiling at Mr. Lothaire. his face was heart shaped, and his eyes were wide- set and a pretty clear sky blue. he had small lips, but the rest of his features on his face were also small. his lips had a curve to them when he wasn't smiling. his hair was blonde and looked wet, like he had just splashed water on himself in the boys bathroom. he had on a black shirt that looked too big for him and had metallica scribbled across it from top to bottom in silver. the thing that i noticed the most was his choice of jewelry. he wore a metal pentacle around his neck. he was scrawny, but tall. he sat down at the desk next to me on my right. Mage Cavanaugh whispered something at him.


"Knut," Mr. Linwood whispered back. i giggled. Knut Linwood. what kind of name is that? i thought to myself. then almost instantly i felt his eyes on me.


"it's Scandinavian," he whispered by my ear, or atleast that's what it felt like. he had a slight accent. but i couldn't be sure from where it came. i wasn't an expert on accents. i looked up. "and what's your name?" he asked, as if he was planning on attacking it.


"Callista Woodbane," i said. i forgot to whisper. i shot a timid glance to the front of the room.


"Callista," he said. "that's Greek. it means 'the most beautiful.'" he whispered. his pill sized blue eyes brightened and that innocent smirk came back on his face.


"i know what my own name means," i whispered.


"watch out. Mr. Loathe- air might catch you talking," Caty Grimes whispered on my shoulder. she was sitting behind me.


i caught Knut looking at my chest. or maybe he was looking at my necklace, which looked like a cheap knock off version of his own.

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Comment by Jordan Clement on April 29, 2011 at 8:31pm
keep it up! awesome gurl!
Comment by Katie Williams on April 27, 2011 at 5:23pm

r u going to continue its fab


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