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Full Name: Lucas Uvall Wolfgang

Nickname: Luke

Age: 17

Status: single

Crush: no

Bio: He was turned into a vampire two years ago. He was just walking home from his job and he was attacked. When he woke up, he was a vampire. He misses his family and his life, but he's gotten over that. He's been with the Wolf gang while now, trying to control himself and learn how to be around people without attacking them. He considers them his family  now and absolutely loves them.

Species: Vampire

Special: Freeze Vision


Full Name: Lyric Alexandria Wolfgang

Nickname: Lil

Age: 19

Status: single

Crush: none

Bio: Grew up in a different world, A world of more magic and freedom. When it was destroyed, She ran away to find The Wolfgang. Living happily with them.

Species: Fae

Special: Flying


Full Name: Le-Anna Mystic Wolfgang

Nickname: Luna

Age: 18

Status: single

Crush: nnoo

Bio: She was tired of being who she was, and who she lived with. So one day she left, Knowing no one would try to find her. Thankfully Azia found her and made her part of the family

Species: Demon

Special: Controls Fire

Full Name: Hyena Wolfgang

Nickname: Hyena

Age: 18

Status: Single

Crush: None

Bio: Hyena is your normal girl, Smart, pretty, popular. She wasn't used to getting what she wanted until one day she was bitten and found her way to Azia.

Species: Vampire

Special: none


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