The Twilight Saga

2007, first day of 6th grade. I reuntited with my former friends from my elementary school years. then One of my friends held a book with to hands holding an apple. I over heard her talk to another friend "Yeah, my mom said i could read it!" she said. curious i asked hwat are you guys talking about? And my life had changed forever. "Were talking about twilight!" Today the question i asked then would be a shocker but this was my response that day "Whats twilight?" and she gasped so did 2 other girls, "twilight is the greatest book ever made by the best author ever, stephenie Meyer!" I responded " Oh i've heard of her shes really popular!" and she told me of the story of Edward and Bella and their story of forbidden love and how this beautiful vampire. Me being an extroidanary reader rushed to library just a few yards away from my homeroom, i took my 3 minutes of passing to check out twilight. Of course i was late for second period but it paid off, i was immediatley in love with twilight and more importantly i had fallen in love with Edward cullen. today i am a super fanpire, with the movie all the books merchandise and of course a membership on! thank you Vicky! I love you you helped change my life for ever, you helped me discover the amazing life of a fanpire.

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Comment by Patricia Cullen on April 2, 2009 at 10:14pm
HELL YES!!!!!!! woot woot lol

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